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Liam Milne is a professional bridge player and teacher. He is originally from New Zealand but now lives in Sydney. He ran a very successful training weekend for the Tasmanian State teams for this year's ANC.

One of the interesting suggestions that he made for improving partnership bidding system and understanding was to try using an app called Cuebids. This is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The app allows you to bid sets of hands with your partner against robot opponents. You do not play the hands at all but the app determines various scores for the contracts reached. It rates the contract out of three stars. It gives you an Expected Value (EV) for the contract - this is what you might expect to score on average. It also gives you a percentage which is a measure of how well you have done compared with other pairs who have bid this hand on the app.

The basic functionality can be accessed for free. There are various subscription levels that give you access to more advanced features.

Several of the pairs in the teams have used the app and have generally found it to be very useful. Tania and Hugh have bid over 3,000 hands on it since the training weekend!

If you want any more information about Cuebids talk to Hugh or just download it and give it a try!


Winter is upon us in earnest, so just a reminder to please wear a mask if attending the club if you have a cough or sniffle or consider giving it a miss until you are feeling better. This was one of several suggestions/comments in our Suggestion Box. Also less experienced players are keen to see a Balanced teams event, where teams are evened out. We are looking at possible dates for this. Other suggestions have been referred to appropriate club members to investigate.

The ABF Club Teams Online Knockout 2024 is commencing monthly on Tuesday nights starting on August 6th for Open, Under 750, Under 300, Under 100 and Under 50 MPs. This is a wonderful opportunity to represent your club playing on Real Bridge against players from all over the country. Please email TBA if interested.

Remember we have a regular club game on Real Bridge every Wednesday night at 7:15pm - enter on MyABF. There will also be an opportunity to have a practice try of playing on RealBridge with Sue Falkingham later in July.

Friday June 14th was the TBA's first foray at promoting Bridge in a regional place. Orford residents were invited to their local golf club for a taster or a game if they could already play. There were 5 tables of players - a great effort from Sue.

There are many exciting opportunities for members to improve their playing skills and knowledge coming up - Sue Falkingham is holding a 6 week Intermediate Bridge Course on Saturday mornings starting August 10th. Topics will be Major Suit Raises, Doubles, Preempts, Strong Openings and Slam Bidding, Defence, Checkback and Reverses. David Robinson will also be running a series of lessons Wednesday afternoons in October and there is a Bridge Coaching weekend in early November to be run by Hugh and Sue. Finally, next March, we are excited to announce that Ron Klinger will be running a workshop for club members.

Donít forget to get your entries in for the Eastcoaster on August 24-25. It has been a very popular event and is great fun.

Happy Bridging everyone


The Grand National Open Teams (GNOT) is a national teams event which has been held for many years. Teams qualify through club heats to Regional Finals and then to the National Finals. Historically Tasmania has been able to qualify two teams, one from the South and the other from the North.

The ABF has decided to change the format of the finals so that the teams qualifying from the regions will go into a 64 team knockout phase which will be held online. At the end of this 3 day weekend event (20th to 22nd September) the top 4 teams and the next 8 regional teams will proceed to the final phase of the event which will be held face-to-face over a weekend in Sydney (23rd and 24th November).

As part of this reorganisation Tasmania has been given a third qualifying spot. We have decided to select this team using an online qualifying tournament using the Realbridge platform. This will be a teams event held on 3 Sundays in August (4th, 11th and 18th).

The GNOT is a great event that allows players from all over the country to win gold masterpoints without the need to travel. Your local clubs will be announcing details of their qualifying sessions, so get organised and participate in this fun event. Playing in the qualifying heats does not commit you to continuing in the event although we hope that you will!

If you would like to see more details please click here.

If you have any comments or queries please contact Fran Healy our new GNOT Organiser.


The final of the 2024 Tassie Matchpoint Pairs was held on Sunday June 1st at Tamar Bridge Club. The field consisted of 20 pairs who had either qualified through their clubs or who are representing Tasmania in the upcoming Australian National Championships in Orange, NSW.

The winners were Andrew and Sandra Richman from Tamar Bridge Club, second overall and first Womens Pair were Felicity Wivell and Susan Bezette also from the TBC, third were Julie Rhodes and Leigh Blizzard from the TBA.

Full results are available here.

Thanks to Simon Edler for directing and Tamar Bridge Club for the use of their venue and their hospitality.


The Southern Open and Handicap Teams was held on Sunday May 26th with 9 teams participating. Clear winners were the Grosvenor team consisting of Mardi and John Grosvenor, Julie Rhodes and Leigh Blizzard. They won all their matches and also won the Handicap event. Second place went to the Murphy team - Pam Murphy, Julia Corr, Fiona Hickey and Alaine MacMorran. A special mention to the Bauermeister team - Laura Bauermeister, Christina Buell, Erica McCoull and Sharlene Campbell, who came second in the Handicap event.

Full results are available here.

Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing.


This is a hand from the second qualifying session for the Tassie Matchpoint Pairs which was held in the club over the past two Wednesday mornings. A good field played for the honour of representing the TBA in the state final to be held in Launceston on Sunday 2nd June at the Tamar Bridge Club.

Less than half the field bid and made game on this hand. Have a look and see how you would have done!

Board 6
East Deals
E-W Vul
8 6 5
A K 10 5 3
K 10
A 10 4
A J 9 7 4 3
Q 7 5 4
6 3

If you come across an interesting hand that you would like to see written up on the website talk to any committee member.


The TBA's largest club event of the year, the TBA Congress, was held on the weekend of 6-7 April 2024. Swiss IMP Pairs were played on Saturday with categories for Open, Restricted and Novice. Sunday was a Swiss Teams event, with Open and Restricted categories.

The Open Swiss Pairs was played over 6x9 board matches and was won by Sandra and Andrew Richman. Second place was taken out by Mardi and John Grosvenor. Erica McCoull and Jeremy Reid came third. Full results are available here.

The Restricted Category of the Swiss Pairs was won by Erica McCoull and Jeremy Reid with Catherine Catt and Sharlene Campbell second.

The Rookie Category of the Swiss Pairs was won by Nola and Rex Calvert.

The Swiss Teams on Sunday was played across 6 rounds of 9 board matches. All entrants played in a single field, but prizes were awarded for Open and Restricted categories. Full results are available here. The Open competition was won by Ann Paton, Wynne Webber, Guray Sunamak and Gulum Kocak-Sunamak. Hugh Grosvenor, Tania Lloyd, Sandra and Andrew Richman came second.

The Restricted category of the Swiss Teams was won by Judy and Roger Hooley playing with Rosemary and Brian Giles.

Thanks to everybody who played particularly those who brought food to share! Thanks to Simon Edler for directing, Claire Moult for her excellent caddying, Sarah Howard, Annie Bartlett, Janette Targett and Joy Stoddart for their tireless work in the kitchen and to Pam Murphy for her organisation and energy.


The TBA Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 23 March 2024 at the clubrooms. The AGM was followed by lunch, and a Red Masterpoint session. Congratulations to Ann & Edward Gee, Bob Patterson & David Robinson, and Bal Krishnan & Phil Timmins for placing first in their directions. Full results are available here

Part of the AGM is the election of office holders and Committee members. This year there are seven nominees for the five Committee positions so a ballot was held. The following committee members were elected (in alphabetical order):

  • Leonie Atkins
  • Sue Falkingham
  • Paul Fredheim
  • Hugh Grosvenor
  • Fran Healy

There were single nominations for the remaining offices so the nominees were declared elected at the AGM. They are President: Pam Murphy, Vice President: Julie Rhodes, Secretary: Katherine Marsden and Treasurer: Leigh Blizzard.

See the Members page for photos of the new committee.


The 2024 Tasmanian Festival of Bridge was held from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 of March 2024. This was the second time that the event has been held at the MyState Bank Arena in Hobart on the banks of the Derwent river.

320 entrants, including some of Australia's top players competed across five events. Approximately Half of the entrants were from interstate or overseas. About 50 Australian clubs were represented, with a small contingent of New Zealand players also joining us.

Thursday and Friday saw the TFoB Restricted Swiss Pairs, the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs and the Australian Mixed Swiss Pairs. The TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs was run on Saturday and Sunday. The TFoB Rookie Swiss Pairs was held on Sunday.

The TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs had a field of 90 pairs. The winners were Pele Rankin and George Kozakos. Warren Lazer and Pauline Gumby came second (no photo available). Avinash Kanetkar and Ron Klinger came third. The Warren Walker Memorial trophy for the highest placed Tasmanian pair was won by Andrew and Sandra Richman. Full results are here.

The Australian Mixed Swiss Pairs was won by Pele Rankin and George Kozakos in a field of 24 pairs. Jeanette Reitzer and Matt Smith came second. Ella Jacob and Joshua Tomlin came third. Full results are here.

38 pairs played in the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs which was won by Vicky and Ian Lisle. Meg Sharp and Helen Clayton came second. George Bilski and Martin Bloom came third. Full results are here.

The TFoB Restricted Swiss Pairs saw 60 pairs with fewer than 300 masterpoints competing. It was won by Jeremy Reid & Seb Wright. Anka and Peter Saundry came second. Geraldine Carey and Engelina Poulton came third. Full results are here.

This was the second running of the TFoB Rookie Swiss Pairs with 24 pairs with fewer than 25 masterpoints competing. It was won by Starlette Beaumont and Margaret Cusack. Laura Best and Catherine Catt came second. Nola and Rex Calvert came third. Full results are here.

Thanks to TBIB for their continuing sponsorship. Thanks to all the officials, organisers and volunteers who were involved in making this a successful event, including the convenor (Katherine Marsden), the directors (Simon Edler, Hugh Grosvenor and Ronnie Ng), the scorer (Chris Carolan), the caddies, and all of the TBA volunteers. Thanks also to all of the players of all levels who made this an exciting event.

The Tasmanian Festival of Bridge is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania

The 2025 Tasmanian Festival of Bridge will be from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 March 2025. It will be held at the MyState Bank Arena again, and there is plenty of room for more tables. It is a lovely time of year to visit Tasmania. Save the date, and we hope to see you in 2025!

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The first state-wide event of the year was held on the weekend of 2-3 March. The 2024 Tassie Butler Pairs saw 16 pairs playing 15 matches across the two days. 'Butler' refers to the scoring system which is IMPs calculated against a datum. This was a round-robin event with each pair playing a match against every other pair in the field. This event included both open and women's championships.

The open winners were Tania Lloyd and Hugh Grosvenor. Andrew and Sandra Richman came second. Third were David Robinson and Phil Beck. The winners in the women's were Alaine Macmorran and Fiona Hickey.

Full results are available here. Thanks to Simon Edler for organising and directing the event.


The Jackpot finals (Pink and Blue sections) will be held at 7.15pm on Monday 9 December 2024.

The final will NOT require pre-entry, just walk-in. Non qualifiers are welcome to play but will not be eligible to win prizemoney. If your partner is unable to play, you may play with anyone else on the list of qualifiers.

The prize pool, to be split between the top three places in each section, will be announced after the final qualifying session on Monday 2nd December.

2024 Jackpot Qualifiers to date:

Pink Section:

Jenny AdeyJudy Bills
Dallas CooperFiona Hickey
Jan LonerganAlaine MacMorran
Ann PatonSue Wilkinson

Blue Section:

Vicki DouglasPamela Halton
Warren PapworthGill Robinson


The first TBA event of the year was held on Sunday 28 January. The 2024 Vera Houdek Summer Pairs had 22 pairs playing in a matchpointed Swiss Pairs competition over 6 matches.

The overall winners were Leigh Blizzard and Julie Rhodes. Duncan Abercromby and Phil Timmins came second (with Phil doing his normal quick escape before the photos). Third were Phil Beck and David Robinson. The top placed pair in the restricted category were Engelina Poulton and Geraldine Carey.

Full results are available here. Thanks to Simon Edler for organising and directing the day. Thanks also to all members who brought a plate.


The McCutcheon's are rankings maintained by the ABF based on the number of masterpoints players earn in the calendar year. The McCutcheon rankings are updated at the end of each month, and have now been finalsied for the end of 2023.

There is an overall ranking that covers all players. There are also rankings by level which track the players who start the year at each rank. For example, if you are a Club master at the end of 2022, you will be part of the Club master McCutcheons for the year, even if you are promoted during the year.

Rankings are available for the entire country and filtered for each state and club. All this information and more is available on the ABF Masterpoint Centre website.

The overall 2023 McCutcheon winner was Liam Milne with 438.37 Masterpoints. Many TBA members will remember Liam from when he ran the State Coaching Weekend at the TBA in June 2023.

The following table lists the Tasmanian players who made it into the top 20 lists for the 2024 National McCutcheons:

All Ranks11thMardi Grosvenor (TBA)
Bronze Life1stMardi Grosvenor (TBA)
Life14thFelicity Wivell (Tamar)
Silver National1stJohn Grosvenor (TBA)
7thBarbara Giizel (TBA)
Silver Local4thJeremy Reid (TBA)
Bronze Local5thGek Low (TBA)
11thPaul Fredheim (TBA)
Club16thErica McCoull (TBA)

Six Tasmanians came in the top 200 All Ranks nationally - Mardi Grosvenor (11th), Sandra Richman (63rd), Andrew Richman (71st), Hugh Grosvenor (91st), Tania Lloyd (120th) and John Grosvenor (136th). The McCutcheon Rank for any player can be found on their Masterpoint Awards page, just look-up the player by name or ABF Number.

The following table lists the top three players in each of the Tasmanian McCutcheon rankings:

All RanksMardi Grosvenor, Sandra Richman, Andrew Richman
Silver Grand & AboveSandra Richman, Andrew Richman, Hugh Grosvenor
GrandTania Lloyd, Margaret Gibbs, David Robinson
Gold LifePam Lidl, Maria Gibbs, Richard Cooke
Silver LifePhil Timmins, Roger Swain, Jane Routley
Bronze LifeMardi Grosvenor, Pam Murphy, Shirley McCulloch
LifeFelicity Wivell, Frank Milford, Sue Falkingham
Silver NationalJohn Grosvenor, Barbara Giizel, Sarah Howard
Bronze NationalBob Ranson, Mardi Hogarth, David Marshall
NationalAnnie Bartlett, Jane Edler, Louise Cowan
Bronze StateGeoff Green, Marg Enright, Susan Bezette
StateGraeme Denmead, Janette Targett, Engelina Poulton
Bronze RegionalKitty Ranson, Suzanne Clark, Herman Rockefeller
RegionalJegs Nuttall, Ian Fraser, Sandra Miedecke
Silver LocalJeremy Reid, Ian Bailey, Robin Barnes
Bronze LocalGek Low, Paul Fredheim, Judy Hooley
LocalTrish Colles, Jane Hall, Gwen Lawrence
ClubErica McCoull, Anne O'Rourke, Laura Best
GraduateRita Mawson, Billie Watson, Hellen Smart
NilDebbie Maree Martyn, Jed Dolwin, Barbara Meyer

The TBA Club McCutcheons are available on the ABF Masterpoint Centre website. There is also a wealth of other information, such as promotions, most improved players and top masterpoint winners of all time.


Congratulations to the TBA Open team for winning the finals!

The ABF's Australia-Wide Club Knockout Teams competition has just finished for the year. This is the second year that the event has been held. Teams representing clubs from around the country competed in four divisions with sessions held on RealBridge once a month. The first three sessions were a round robin qualification stage with the top eight teams in each category going into the knockout stage (consisting of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals).

The TBA had 25 members representing the club across four teams. This is the second year that the TBA has been represented in all categories. All teams acquitted themselves well, with every TBA player earning Gold masterpoints and the TBA receiving prize money for the win in the Open division. The under 750 MP team had a strong result in the Consolation Swiss Teams event, coming fouth.

The TBA teams were:

  • Open - Tania Lloyd, Hugh Grosvenor, Mardi Grosvenor, John Grosvenor, Jane Edler and Simon Edler. Placed 5th in qualifying, won against the Victorian Bridge Association team in the quarter-finals, against Newcastle in the semi-finals and against Wagga Wagga in the finals.
  • Under 750 MP - David Brooks, Darryl Smith, Maruta Boyd, Barbara Holland, Sue Wilkinson, Chris Girvan and David Marshall. Placed 12 in qualifying. This was a very competitive category with the largest field. The team played in the Consolation Swiss Teams finishing 4th.
  • Under 100 MP - Gek Low, Paul Fredheim, Ian Bailey, Katherine Marsden, Judy Hooley and Roger Hooley. Placed 6th in qualifying, lost to the Queensland Contract Bridge Club team in the quarter-finals.
  • Under 50 MP - Barbara Meyer, Jane Hall, Anne McEntee, Christina Buell, Erica McCoull, Laura Bauermeister. Placed 5th in qualifying, won against the Gold Coast team in the quarter-finals, and lost to Waverley in the semi-finals.

Full results and details are available here. Congratulations to everybody who played. Thanks to Sue Falkinhgam for coordinating the TBA teams. Sue also had a role in organising this event nationally.

This event is a great opportunity to represent the club and play against players of your level from around Australia. The RealBridge platform is easy to use and makes exciting events like this possible. Please consider putting your name forward for a team in next year's competition.


The 2023 Jackpot finals were held on Monday 11 December 2023. Contratulations to the winners: David Marshall and Darryl Smith in the Pink Section, and Bronwyn Fuller and Ann Halliday in the Blue Section. In the Pink section David Brooks and Gulum Kocak-Sunamak came second, with Julia Corr and Merryl Darby third. In the Blue section Vicki Douglas and Gill Robinson came second, with Betty Pilgram and Panchita Salmon third. The prize pool, to be split between the top three places is $210 for Pink Section and $172 for Blue section.

Full results are available here. Note that non-contending pairs were welcome to play, and are denoted by the N category in the results. A full list of players who qualified through the year for the Jackpot finals is available on the members page.

The 2024 Jackpot Pairs starts in January, with the first qualifying session on Monday 8 January.

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The 2023 Tasmanian Swiss Pairs was held at Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 19-20 November. This was the last of the island-wide events for the year. An impressive field of 30 pairs played eight matches over the two days.

The winners, undefeated in all eight matches, were Julie Rhodes and Leigh Blizzard. Second were Christine and Bob Harkness. Anne Fyfe and Jill Archer came third. The full results are here.

Thanks to Simon Edler for directing. Thanks also to the Tamar Bridge Club for hosting the event, and organising players to fill a half table and act as subs.


Every year Australian Bridge magazine runs three 'Australia-Wide' pairs events (novice, restricted and open). In each event clubs around Australia run a club session playing the same boards. The results are scored locally as normal, then all of the results are combined and re-scored at the national level. Comprehensive results, including hand analysis and a customised booklet are then available.

The 2023 Australia-Wide Restricted Pairs has just finished and the TBA had some stand-out results. Erica McCoull and Jeremy Reid came 1st locally and 6th overall (out of 890 pairs in the national field). They were also the top placed Victorian or Tasmanian pair, and the top placed pair in the under 100 masterpoint category.

Elizableth Legge and Leonie Atkins came 2nd locally and 36th nationally. Bronywn Fuller and Ann Halliday came 3rd locally and 226th nationally.

Full results are available on the 2023 Australia-Wide Restricted Pairs results page. Select 'Tasmania' in the club list to see how our players did both locally and nationally. Click on a player's name in the club summary to see the personalised booklet for that player.

Noted that the relative ordering of players can change between the local and national results. Some results that score well at the local level may not be so successul when compared with the national results, and vice versa. For example, a sacrifice may score very poorly at the local level if few people bid the game in the local field, but may be a good result in the national scoring.


The TBA Spring Pairs was held on Sunday 1 October 2023. This was a Swiss Pairs event with 22 pairs playing 9 board matches over 6 rounds. The winners were Leigh Blizzard and Julie Rhodes. Margaret Robertson and Margaret Gibbs were place second. Hilton Frances and John Bailey came third.

Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing.


On Sunday 24 September the regional final of the Grand National Open Teams was held. The winner of this event represents Southern Tasmania in the Australian Final in Brisbane.

This year we will be represented by Pam Murphy, Julia Corr, Phil Timmins, and Bal Krishan.

Runners up in the event were John Grosvenor, Mardi Grosvenor, Richard Cooke and Margaret Gibbs. Full results are here.

The Northern Regional Final was won by Andrew Richman, Sandra Richman, Roger Swain and Felicity Wivell. Full results are on the Devonport Bridge Club website.

We wish them well.

Margaret Gibbs

Tasmanian GNOT co-ordinator


The 2023 Tasmanian Board-A-Match Teams Championship was played on the weekend of 16-17 September at the Tamar Bridge Club. In Board-A-Match scoring each board is worth 0, 1 or 2 points depending on whether a team's score is beaten by, equals or beats the opposition's score. This is equivalent to Matchpoint scoring where a board is played only twice.

Nine teams played in a round robin over two days. This was the equivalent playing 14 board matches against each of the eight opposing teams. The clear winners with 144 points were the team of Ann Paton, Lakshmi Sunderasan, Sandra Richman and Andrew Richman. Second placed with 122 points were the team of Mardi Grosvenor, John Grosvenor, Julie Rhodes and Leigh Blizzard. Two teams had 121 points - the team of Simon Edler, Jane Edler, Phil Timmins and Duncan Abercomby (the winners of TBA Board-A-Match Teams in July), and the team of Roger Swain, Felicity Wivell, Anne Fyfe and Floyd Suban. One point separating 3 teams after 112 boards is quite a result. Full results are available here.

Thanks to Hugh Grosvenor for directing, and for the hospitality of the Tamar Bridge Club.


The Role of the TBA

The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with over 400 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs.

The TBA's purpose-designed Centre at 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town Bay serves as both our local Clubrooms and the headquarters for bridge in the state. The TBA premises are available for hire by community groups for suitable activities by arrangement with the TBA Committee. Please complete a booking request form (available here) and email it to the TBA at

Contact us:
Phone: 0400 492 327
Post: 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town, 7008

Bank Account Details for direct debit: BSB: 067-102 A/C #: 2801 2004 A/C Name: Tasmanian Bridge Association
ABN: 66 028 130 967

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