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This page presents additional information that may be of use to TBA members, and particularly for new members or players.

An index of useful documents stored on the site is included at the bottom of the page.

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Pianola is a website that allows members to view and analyse their results. This includes the ability to replay hands with guidance, indicating the ultimate result of playing any card at each trick. Pianola also allows analysis of your results, session by session and over time.

The TBA pays for Pianola membership for all TBA members. Pianola accounts are created using an invitation email sent by the TBA. If you have not created a Pianola account and don't have the invitation email, just email the TBA and we will send another. If you have created a Pianola account but cannot see your results history when you log in, please email the TBA and we will look into it.

Fun fact: 'Pianola' is a piece of bridge slang - a hand that is so easy it plays itself.

Bridge Library

The club has an extensive library of bridge books, carefully curated by our dedicated librarian - Richard Cooke. The library has books suitable for players of all levels. The library is located in the Vera Houdek room.

The library is for the use of the members. Books can be borrowed, but please read and promptly return your loans so that others can enjoy them. 2/3 weeks is a reasonable loan period.

A synopsis of the latest additions to the library is here. A full list of all 410 titles in the library, including commentary, is here.

System Cards

The PC located in the Vera Houdek room is available for use by TBA members. This is particularly useful for colour printing system cards. A laminater is also available, ideal for keeping your system card from getting dog-eared. A supply of paper system cards is also available for members wanting to do their cards by hand.

ABF Masterpoint Centre

The ABF Masterpoint Centre gives players access to a wealth of information relating to masterpoints. Masterpoints Lookup allows you to search for any ABF player's masterpoint record by name, number, home club or event. The National, State and Club reporting sections contain a range of reports including McCutcheons, Most Improved Players and Top 100 Masterpoint Earners. Masterpoint balances and reports are updated monthly.

Fun fact: As at 30 April 2019 Ron Klinger was the all time top gold point earner, with 7,692.95 gold points!

TBA Committee 2009

Julie Rhodes

Lynne Cooke

Graeme Poulton

Sue Falkingham

Katherine Marsden

Judy Bills

Edward Gee

Ann Paton

Jana Vernon

Simon Edler
Chief Director

Margaret Gibbs
Masterpoint Secretary

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