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Session Times

MONDAY7:30pm10.45pmDuplicate - Two sections, open and intermediate. See TBA Calendar for details of events that require pre-entry.
TUESDAY10:30am2:20pmDuplicate session. Additional supervised section if numbers permit. The session includes a 40 minute lunch break. Enquiries Jenny Penny 6229 4565
WEDNESDAY10:00am1.30pmDuplicate session. Separate supervised section - no partner required (Supervised enquiries Sue Falkingham 0411 646 888).
 7:30pm10.30pmSupervised duplicate session. Enquiries Jenny Penny 6229 4565.
THURSDAY 9.30 am12:30pmDuplicate session. Relaxed session generally playing 24 boards. Short coffee break mid-session. No partner required.
 1:00pm4:30pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
 7:15pm10.30pmDuplicate session.
FRIDAY10:00 am1.30 pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
 7:15 pmMonthly Friday teams - refer to Calendar. Usually accompanied by a glass of wine!
SATURDAY1:15 pm4.45 pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
SUNDAY1.15 pm4.45 pmDuplicate sessoin. No partner required

Partner organisers: Barbara Giizel: 0407 495 951
Please be seated at least 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time.
For sessions where partners are not required, please make yourself known to the session Director at least 15 minutes before start of play if you do not have a partner.