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Session Times

MONDAY10:00am12.30pmLesson and supervised play. You are welcome with or without a partner. For beginners who want to gain more experience. Enquiries Sue Falkingham 0411 646 888
 7:30pm10.45pmDuplicate - Two sections, open and intermediate. See TBA Calendar for details of events that require pre-entry.
TUESDAY10:30am2:20pmDuplicate session. Additional supervised section if numbers permit. The session includes a 40 minute lunch break. Enquiries Jenny Penny 6229 4565
WEDNESDAY10:00am1.30pmDuplicate session. Separate supervised section - no partner required (Supervised enquiries Sue Falkingham 0411 646 888).
 7:30pm10.30pmSupervised duplicate session. Enquiries Jenny Penny 6229 4565.
THURSDAY 9.30 am12:30pmDuplicate session. Relaxed session generally playing 24 boards. Short coffee break mid-session. No partner required.
 1:00pm4:30pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
 7:15pm10.30pmDuplicate session.
FRIDAY10:00 am1.30 pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
 7:15 pmMonthly Friday teams - refer to Calendar. Usually accompanied by a glass of wine!
SATURDAY1:15 pm4.45 pmDuplicate session. No partner required.
SUNDAY1.15 pm4.45 pmDuplicate sessoin. No partner required

Partner organisers: Barbara Giizel: 0407 495 951
Please be seated at least 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time.
No partner needed for Thursday and Friday morning sessions and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions.