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Tasmanian Festival of Bridge 2022

Tasmania's annual premier bridge event

Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th March 2022

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston

Details and entries on myABF or see the brochure.

It is with sadness that we received the news that Bert Forage died on the 25th December 2021, peacefully at home.

In accordance with Bert's wishes there will not be a funeral. Our thoughts are with Bert, his family and friends.


The TBA Committee met at the TBA on Tuesday December 14th from 3.15pm.

PARTICIPATING: J†Rhodes (Chair), M†Gibbs, S†Edler, I†Bailey, R†Giles, J†Grosvenor, K†Marsden.

The following matters were discussed:

Vaccination Requirements are here!

Effective immediately, you need to be fully vaccinated to attend the TBA unless you have a medical exemption. Please bring evidence of your vaccination status to the club if you have not already done so. Unvaccinated members will not be able to attend the TBA for the foreseeable future.

TBA Christmas party

This will be held on Saturday December 18th from 12 noon. Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch. Bridge is free but you will have to register for this Red Point event via the TBA Booking site. It will also be your last chance to bring a gift for Colony 47 clients this Christmas. The proposed Boxing Day Swiss Pairs will not be held due to insufficient entries.

Christmas Opening Hours

This year there will be plenty of bridge over Christmas with only Christmas Day and Boxing Day officially being devoid of bridge. The proposed Boxing Day Swiss Pairs will not be held due to insufficient entries. You can play on Christmas Eve at the usual Friday session, and all regular sessions will recommence again on Monday December 27th.

Individual and Social Bridge sessions have been cancelled for January but will resume on February 13th.

Wednesday Night Online Bridge

This red masterpoint event will continue in 2022 but will switch formats from BBO to RealBridge from January 12th 2022. You will need to enter the event via MyABF.

Bridge Weekends Away are Back!

Put this one in your diary! Over the weekend of August 6th and 7th the TBA will be conducting a new event called the Eastcoaster Pairs. It will be held at the beautiful Eastcoaster Resort in Orford. There will be two sessions on the Saturday and one on the Sunday with lunch and dinner on the Saturday included in the entry fee. Full details will be available early next year.

Beginnerís Courses 2022

Six week Beginnerís Courses will commence in 2022 on the following dates:

  • February 7th (Monday afternoon) or 8th (Tuesday night)
  • May 30th (Monday afternoon) or 31st (Tuesday night)
  • Oct 17th (Monday afternoon) or 18th (Tuesday night)

If you know anyone who would like to learn bridge let them know of these dates.

AGM Ė 2022

Advance Notice of the AGM coming up on March 19th 2022. The meeting will commence at 12 noon followed by lunch (Please bring a plate of food to share). There will be FREE bridge after that for anyone who attended the AGM. Persons not attending the AGM but wishing to play will be charged normal table money.

All committee positions will be declared vacant at the meeting so if you would like to stand for a committee or executive position, now is the time to think about it. Nominations will close on March 9th, and the nomination forms will be available from early February.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The TBA sends best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe Christmas to all member and we hope to see you all again in 2022 for another fabulous year of bridge and conviviality.

Love to you all.

Julie Rhodes

President, TBA

December 2021

Previous updates | Top

Monday 13 December was the Monday night Jackpot finals for 2021. The list of 2021 qualifiers is below. The winners were Julia Johnson and Geoff J Green in the Blue section, and David Robinson and Hilton Francis in the Pink section.

Thanks to Simon for directing, and for all his efforts on Monday evenings throughout the year.

Pink SectionBlue Section
Fiona Hickey (Jan)Meredith Stacey (Jan)
Alaine Macmorran (Jan)Pamela Halton (Jan)
Dallas Cooper (Jan)Keith Graver (Jan)
Sue Wilkinson (Jan)Shirley Graver (Jan)
Judy Bills (Feb)Graham Brown (Feb)
Ann Paton (Feb)Sharn Davies (Feb)
Maruta Boyd (Feb)Janette Targett (Feb)
Barbara Holland (Feb)Sandra Miedecke (Feb)
Peter Fromberg (Feb)Pam Barter (Feb)
Nancy Fromberg (Feb)Betty Pilgrim (Feb)
Phil Beck (Feb)Gill Robinson (May)
David Robinson (Feb)Margaret Enright (May)
Barbara Giizel (Mar)Bob Lawson (May)
Pam Murphy (Mar)Neil Pettingill (May)
Julia Corr (Mar)Bronwyn Fuller (May)
Merryl Darby (Mar)Ann Halliday (May)
Richard Cooke (Mar)Imogen Siberry (Jun)
Bob Patterson (Mar)Jeremy Reid (Jun)
Anne Parrott (Mar)Panchita Salmon (Jul)
Sarah Howard (Mar)Tricia Reid (Aug)
Frances Millar (Apr)Janet Bradley (Aug)
Donna Sommerville (Apr)Gill Murdoch (Aug)
Kevin Wheelahan (Apr)Katherine Marsden (Aug)
David Shaw (Apr)Graeme Poulton (Sep)
Darryl Smith (Apr)Engelina Poulton (Sep)
David Brooks (Apr)Geoff Green (Oct)
Wynne Webber (May)Julia Johnson (Oct)
Hilton Francis (May)Frances Millar (Oct)
Maggie Crawford (May)Amy Richardson (Oct)
Nigel Brookes (May)Vicki Douglas (Oct)
Gulum Kocak-Sunamak (May)Sophie Kim (Nov)
Lena Jansson (Jun)
Maria Gibbs (Jun)
Julie Rhodes (Jun)
Margaret Gibbs (Jun)
John Grosvenor (Jul)
Hugh Grosvenor (Jul)
Jo Beck (Nov)
Margaret Enright (Nov)


Twenty two TBA members received rank promotions at the start of December. Congratulations to all.

Julie Rhodes - Bronze LifeYolande Boost - Club
John Grosvenor - Bronze NationalTom Overton - Graduate
Jegs Nuttall - Silver LocalRoisin Grosvenor - Graduate
Helen Thomas - Bronze LocalMolly Porter - Graduate
Terry Wilson - Bronze LocalFred Lawrence - Graduate
Leonie Atkins - Bronze LocalErica McCoull - Graduate
Jeremy Reid - LocalRex Calvert - Graduate
Sue Hunter - LocalNola Calvert - Graduate
Roger Hooley - LocalJamie Bayly-Stark - Graduate
Sharlene Campbell - ClubFran Healy - Graduate
Imogen Siberry - ClubBillie Watson - Graduate

The TBA currently has 512 members. There are 943 ABF registered players in Tasmania, and 33,103 in Australia. The TBA is the 11th largest club in Australia based on home membership.

The median number of masterpoints held by TBA members is 14.15 (ie half of the membership have fewer than 14.15 masterpoints). This is towards the top of the Club Master rank. The following table shows the number of TBA members at each rank:

Bronze Local224.3%60.4%
Silver Local244.7%65.0%
Bronze State254.9%77.5%
Bronze Regional20.4%83.6%
Bronze National173.3%89.5%
Silver National20.4%89.8%
Bronze Life81.6%93.6%
Silver Life152.9%96.5%
Gold Life40.8%97.3%
Gold Grand10.2%100.0%

The ABF McCutcheons rank players based on the number of masterpoints earned in the current calendar year. Players are compared against the group that started the year at the same rank. McCutcheon rankings are available nationally and filtered by state or club. Currently the following Tasmanian players appear in the various top 20 national McCutcheon lists:

Category & RankPlayer (Home club)2021 MPs
All Ranks #13Mardi Grosvenor (TBA)203.77
Grand #10Sandra Richman (Tamar)144.44
Gold Life #15Maria Gibbs (TBA)98.02
Silver Life #15Julia Corr (TBA)84.30
Silver Life #16Maruta Boyd (TBA)78.30
Life #8Julie Rhodes (TBA)72.76
Silver National #4Pam Murphy (TBA)57.81
Silver National #15Kay Decker (LBC)37.32
Bronze National #5Frank Milford (Tamar)73.72
National #14Felicity Wivell (Tamar)57.80
Bronze State #16Mardi Hogarth (LBC)49.83
State #1Mardi Grosvenor (TBA)203.77
State #2John Grosvenor (TBA)131.50
Club #2Moira Smith (LBC)55.07
Graduate #12Ian Bailey (TBA)16.78
Graduate #18Sue Rae (LBC)12.80
Nil #9Jeremy Reid (TBA)18.54

The ABF Masterpoint Centre website has a wealth of publicly accessible information about players, masterpoints, rankings and clubs.


The 2021 Tasmanian Swiss Pairs Championship was held across 20th-21st November at the TBA. This was the final state event for 2021. This event rotates annually between Hobart, Devonport and Launceston. The event consisted of 7 x 14 board IMP and VP scored matches. 26 pairs competed, including players from Launceston and Devonport. It was also great to see a number of less experienced pairs competing.

Sandra and Andrew Richman won the event, successfully defending their title from last year. Second placed were Hugh Grosvenor and Julie Rhodes, while John Bailey and Hilton Francis came third. Full results are available here.

Congratulations to the winners and to everybody for having a go. Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing, Lynne Cooke for convening, and all who helped with the catering.

2019 | 2020 | Top

Thursday 17 November 21 - After a stint in hospital, it was lovely to hear news today of Valerie Palk preparing to enjoy a session of rubber bridge at home.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Valerie and we hope to see her back at the TBA soon.


The 2021 TBA Novice Pairs Championship was held on 7 November. This was a two session duplicate pairs event for players with fewer than 25 masterpoints. 23 pairs competed. Rosemary and Brian Giles are the 2021 champions. Ian Bailey and Helen Thomas came second. Jeremy Reid and Sharlene Campbell came third. Full results are available here.

Congratulations to the winners and to everybody for having a go. Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing.

2019 | 2020 | Top

The 2021 Australian National Championships (ANC) was originally to be played in Perth earlier in the year. Due to the COVID-19 situation this event was moved online using the RealBridge platform. Tasmania had teams competing in the Open, Women's, Seniors' and Youth Interstate Teams. This is the first time in over a decade that Tasmania has fielded a youth team at the ANC.

Details about the event and links to the results sites are available from the ABF events website. The Tasmanian results are summarised below (click on the category name to go to the full results page). No Tasmanian team qualified for the finals.

Open - Sandra Richman - Andrew Richman - John Bailey - Hilton Francis - Jane Edler - Simon Edler. Qualifying result: 7th of 8, with 4 wins, 10 losses. SA defeated VIC in the finals.

Women's - Fiona Hickey - Alaine Macmorran - Maruta Boyd - Julia Corr - Judy Mann - Jane Routley. Qualifying result: 6th of 7, with 4 wins, 2 byes, 8 losses. QLD defeated SA in the finals

Senior's - Margaret Gibbs - Julie Rhodes - Pam Murphy - Barbara Giizel. Qualifying result: 7th of 7, with 1 win, 2 byes, 11 losses. NSW defeated ACT in the finals.

Youth - Molly Porter - Roisin Grosvenor - Tom Overton - Fred Lawrence - Jeremy Reid - Imogen Siberry. Qualifying result: 5th of 5, with 1 win, 3 byes, 11 losses. VIC defeated NSW in the finals

Three Tasmanian pairs competed in the Restricted Butler Pairs. John Cummings and David Marshal came 8th, Mardi and John Grosvenor came 10th and Mardi Hogarth and Lynn Bain came 27th.

Sandra and Andrew Richman played in the Open Butler Pairs, coming 36th in the qualifying.


On Sunday 3 October 2021, 18 pairs competed in the TBA Spring Pairs. This was played over 6 x 9 board matches with a Swiss draw, scored by cross IMPS* converted to Victory Points. It was great to see three pairs from the north playing.

The winners, by a convincing margin, were David Brooks and Darryl Smith. Second were Mardi and John Grosvenor, and third were Felicity Wivell and Roger Swain. The highest placed pair in the restricted category were Ian Bailey and Jegs Nuttal. The full results are available here.

Thanks to Hugh Grosvenor for directing, and to all who brought food to share.

* At cross IMPS a pairís score on a board is compared with every other score for the board (in the same direction) and the differences converted to IMPs. These IMP scores are then averaged to give the cross IMP result for the board for that pair. In Butler IMP scoring ('normal' IMPS) an average result for each board is calculated (often omitting some outliers) and then the IMP score is calculated from the datum for each pair. See this guide for more details.


On Sunday 12 September 2021 the TBA came together to celebrate Bert Forage's 100th birthday with the "Bert Forage Centenary Day of Bridge". Twenty one tables played in three sections with an individual movement. Each player played one board with each of 21 partners across the session. Kay Potter was the overall winner.

Thanks to all of the people who made the day a success, including Hugh Grosvenor for directing, Simon Edler for extensive research into individual movements, Alan Greenlees for his musical fanfare, Phil Timmins for his speech and poem, Martin George and Maria Gibbs for contributing photos, and all who brought food to share.


Saturday 4th September saw the Tasmanian Restricted Pairs Championship played at the TBA. This was an all day event for players with fewer than 150 masterpoints. Ten pairs competed providing a thrilling competition with very close scoring between the whole field. The Director Sue Falkingham was watching the live scoring and said it was exciting with all the placings changing with every board played. The well deserving winners were Vicki Douglas and Marg Enright. Second placed, Elizabeth Taylor and Christine Dowl also played extremely well.

Full results are available here. Thanks to Sue for directing.

Tas Restricted Pairs 2019 | Top

The 2021 Tasmanian Teams of Three event was held on Sunday 15 August 2021 at the TBA. In previous years Teams of Three events have been run as single session events. This is the first time it has been stepped up to a full day event. In teams of three, three less experienced players are teamed up with a more experienced captain, with each member of the team partnering with every other member during the event. Six matches of 8 boards were played across two sessions using a Swiss draw. The event was scored in IMPS converted to VPs.

Eighteen teams participated, with team members restricted to having fewer than 20 masterpoints. While most participants were locals we did have one team from Launceston, captained by Pam Lidl. For many of the participants this will have been their first experience of a teams competition, and the first masterpoints earned by many! Congratulations to all who participated.

First place went to the team of Ian Bailey, Judy Hooley and Roger Hooley, captained by Phil Beck. Runners up were the Launceston team of Wendy Butler, Dennis Butler and Annette Keen, captained by Pam Lidl. Full results are available here.

Thank you to the team captains who made themselves available for the event. Thank you also to Lynne Cooke who was the convener, but was unable to be there on the day, and to Julie Rhodes for filling in for Lynne in the final days of preparation. Thank you to Simon Edler for directing.


The inaugural Tasmanian Board-A-Match Teams Championship was held at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 7-8 August. In Board-A-Match scoring each board is worth 0, 1 or 2 points depending on whether you score less than, the same as or more than your opponents on that board. While this format has not been used much in Tasmania it is well established and used in some of the world's most prestigious events (for example, the Reisinger).

A field of twelve teams competed, playing 110 boards over 4 sessions. Effectively this means that each team played a 10 board match against every other team across the event. Players from Launceston, Devonport and Hobart participated.

First place went to the Sandra Richman team - Sandra and Andrew Richman, Hilton Francis and John Bailey. Second was the Margaret Gibbs team - Margaret Gibbs, Richard Cooke, and Mardi and John Grosvenor. Third was the Simon Edler team - Simon and Jane Edler, Frank Milford and Martin George. Full results are available here.

This was a very successful event, with a good turnout and positive feedback received from the players. Thank you to the Tamar Bridge Club for their hospitality in hosting the event. Thank you to Hugh Grosvenor for organising and directing. We look forward to this becoming a regular event on the Tasmanian bridge calendar.


The 2021 TBA Congress was held at the TBA club rooms in Hobart over the weekend of 3-4 July 2021. After the cancelation of last year's congress it was fantastic to see the club rooms buzzing and back to the pre-COVID seating capacity. The room was full with 45 pairs playing on the Saturday afternoon.

The pairs events were played on Saturday. 19 open pairs and 10 restricted pairs played across two sessions. 16 novice pairs played in a single session in the afternoon. Congratulations to the many novice pairs who were playing in their first congress!

The winners in the Open were John Cummings and David Marshal. Mardi and John Grosvenor came second, with Lena Jansson and Merryl Darby coming third. The winners in the Restricted were Fahri Toreci and Wayne Seabrook. Gil Robinson and Marg Enright came second, with Clive and Liz Sellen coming third. The winners in the Novice were Helen Sqier and Tim Doe. Lea Coulston and Pam Noga came second, with Judy and Roger Hooley coming third.

The Swiss Pairs was played on the Sunday with 34 pairs competing. Six matches of nine boards were played across two sessions. The winners were Bob Patterson and Richard Cooke. Maruta Boyd and Barbara Holland come second, with Fiona Hickey and Alaine MacMorran coming third. The best placed pair in the restricted category were Clive and Liz Sellen.

Full results are here: Open Pairs, Restricted Pairs, Novice Pairs, Swiss Pairs.

Thanks to Hugh Grosvenor and Sue Falkingham for directing.

TBA Congress 2019 | Top

The Tasmanian Gold Swiss Pairs was held in Hobart on 9th to 11th April 2021 at the Elwick Racecourse. This was the first national face-to-face event of the year. Approximately 120 pairs played in Rookie, Novice, Restricted and Open events across the two and a half days. This included strong representation of players from across Australia.

Sixty two pairs played in the two day Open Swiss Pairs. The winners were Ron Klinger and Avinash Kanetkar. Second place went to George Kozakos and Simon Hinge. Peter Hollands and James Coutts came third. Andrew and Sandra Richman won the Warren Walker Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Tasmanian pair in the Open Swiss Pairs.

Twenty eight pairs played in the Restricted Swiss Pairs. The winners were Tim Legge and Alexander Jones. Full results are here. Sixteen pairs played in the Novice Swiss Pairs. The winners were Marleen Lynch and Rose Rowell.

The TGSP was also a great opportunity for newer players to get a taste of a large event. A two session matchpoint pairs event was run for Rookies (players with fewer than 10 masterpoints). The overall winners were Amy Richardson and Imogen Siberry. Single session welcome matchpoint pairs events were also held for novice, restricted and open categories.

Thanks to Katherine Marsden, the organising committee and all of the volunteers for organising and running a great event. Thanks to Simon Edler for all his efforts as the Chief Tournament Director, including dealing all the boards! Thanks also to Hugh Grosvenor for directing. The ABF event website includes all results for the event.

TFoB 2019 | Top

The 2021 Tasmanian Butler Pairs was played at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 13-14 February 2021. This was the first Tasmanian state event of 2021. It was an IMP and VP scored pairs event with every pair playing a 7 board match against every other pair. There was a field of 16 pairs from around the state.

The winners were John Bailey (Devonport) and Hilton Francis (TBA). Sandra and Andrew Richman (Tamar) came second. Maria Gibbs and Julia Corr (TBA) came third overall and won the women's category.

Full results are here.

Thank you to Simon Edler for organising and directing the event. Thank you also to the Tamar Bridge Club for hosting the event and making all visiting players feel welcome.


The 2021 Vera Houdek Pairs was played at the TBA clubrooms on Sunday 31 January 2021. This was a matchpoint and VP scored Swiss Pairs event played over 8 x 7 board matches. The field of 28 pairs covered a wide range of experience levels and included a strong contingent from Tamar.

The winners were Maruta Boyd and Barbara Holland. David Brooks and Darryl Smith came second. Sue Falkingham and Bob Patterson came third. Mardi and John Grosvenor received the "Encouragement Award" for highest placed pair under 150 masterpoints.

Full results are here.

Thanks to Chris Carolan for smoothly organising and directing a packed day of bridge.

Vera Houdek Pairs 2020 | Top

The 2021 Devonport Bridge Club Congress was played at the DBC clubrooms on Saturday 23 January 2021. This was a IMP and VP scored Swiss Pairs event played over 6 x 9 board matches, The field of 22 pairs included good representation from across the north with the odd southerners thrown in.

The winners where Andrew and Sandra Richman. John Bailey and Mike Longmire came second. Frank Milford and Prue Dick came third.

Full results are here: session 1, session 2.

Devonport Congress 2020 | Top

Venue Hire

The TBA premises are available for hire by community groups for suitable activities by arrangement with the TBA Committee.

Please complete a booking request form (available here) and email it to the TBA at


The Role of the TBA

The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with about 400 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. These are conducted annually with the venue alternating between Hobart and Launceston. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs. The TBA's purpose-designed Centre at 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town Bay serves as both our local Clubrooms and the headquarters for bridge in the state.

Local Tasmanian clubs affiliated with the TBA are:
North-West North South
Burnie Bridge Club Launceston Bridge Club Hobart City Bridge Club
Devonport Bridge Club Tamar Bridge Club Eastern Shore Bridge Club
Kingborough Bridge Club

Contact us:
Phone: 0400 492 327
Post: PO Box 171, North Hobart 7002

Bank Account Details for direct debit: BSB: 067-102 A/C #: 2801 2004 A/C Name: Tasmanian Bridge Association
ABN: 66 028 130 967

Click here to find us on Google maps.

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