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TBA Online Bridge

The TBA has started running 'virtual' club sessions on Bridge Base Online (BBO). This allows club members to play together online with people they know, and earn ABF Masterpoints. These sessions are available for members of any TBA affiliated club. Please contact your club if you are interested in playing.


The current weekly schedule of sessions is below. More sessions may be added over the coming weeks depending on demand and Director availability.

Date Time Brds BBO$ DirectorPartner Req'd1
Mon am Rookie2 10:00am 18 2 Sue Falkingham No
Mon evening3 5 7:15pm4 24 3 Simon Edler No
Wed morning 10:00am 24 3 Simon Edler No
Thu morning 10:00am 21 3 Chris Carolan No
Fri afternoon 1:15pm 24 3 Sue Falkingham No
Sat afternoon 1:15pm 24 3 Chris Carolan No


  1. Sessions that do not require you to register with a partner are available as noted. This means you will be matched up with other players that have registered without a partner. As the director is not available to play, the last unmatched person may be paired with an available player from anywhere around the world. Please see the registration section for more details.
  2. Intended for less experienced players, eg under 25 Masterpoints. The session will be followed by an optional Zoom get together for players to discuss the hands and ask Sue any questions.
  3. The Monday evening session will not have the usual Pink and Blue sections. As table numbers increase the BBO platform will automatically create multiple sections dependent on the on the total boards and boards per round. The director has no control over the creation of multiple sections, nor over which pairs play in which section.
  4. Please note the earlier start time.
  5. The Monday evening session on 1 June will be IMP scored. The rest of the format will be as usual (Mitchell movement, three board rounds)
  6. The number of boards per session may change over time as people become more familiar with the format. BBO sets a minimum table money limit depending on the number of boards played, so longer sessions will attract higher table money.

What to do before your first session:

There are some one-off things to do before you can play in a TBA session:

  • Create a BBO account.
  • Buy some BBO$ to pay your table money (here).
    • BBO$ are purchased in US dollars (1 BBO$ for US$1, approximately A$1.55).
    • It is recommended to avoid purchasing through the BBO app on mobile devices as this may involve extra cost.
    • Table money will be 2-3 BBO$ depending on the number of boards played.
  • Register your BBO username with the TBA, so you are on the list of players allowed to join a session.
    • TBA members should email their BBO username to the TBA.
    • Members of affiliated clubs should contact their club for details on their process.

    A directory of BBO names and player names is posted on the TBA Forum (under the Online Bridge category). This is to allow participants to identify each other on BBO. The forum is an invitation only site so this directory is not publicly available. Members of affiliated clubs who register a BBO name and provide an email address will be invited to join the TBA Forum. If you do not want your actual name to appear on the directory, please let us know by email.

  • Register your BBO name with the ABF so that Masterpoints can be allocated correctly.
    • If you do not already have a profile with the ABF (for example from signing up for ABF emails) go here and complete the form, including your BBO name.
    • If you already have a profile and need to add your BBO name fill out the form here. At the end of the process it will say that it can't update your profile because the email address is already in use. The system will then send you an email containing a link to a page that will allow you to update your details successfully.
  • Become familiar with BBO, and particularly the alerting and claiming mechanisms. These videos may be helpful:

Please make sure that you have registered your BBO username with the TBA at least 24 hours before your first session so that there is enough time to get your name into the system.

What to do on the day:

  • Login to BBO
    • Please be online at 15 minutes before the session start time.
    • If it is your first TBA BBO session please check your access at least 30 minutes before the session (see the instructions below).
  • Select "Competitive"
  • Select "All Tournaments" (Note that the tournament will only appear in this list 2 hours prior to the start time)
  • Search for "TBA" or "vABF7801"
  • Select the tournament
  • If you have a partner enter their BBO name, if not select the partnership desk tab and either add your name or invite somebody already there. Note that if registering as a partnership there is the option to pay for your partner. See here for more about registering.
  • Wait for the session to start, then enjoy your bridge

Finding the results:

Tips and Tricks

  • Real names - Please put your real name (or at least your first name) in your user profile. This is a friendly environment, and people can see your profile if they click on your username!
  • Checking access - If you haven't played a TBA BBO session before, please check that you can get into the session at least half an hour before the start (so that there is time to help you if need be). If you can register at the Partnership Desk then your username is known. If you are blocked please don't call, but use the BBO message function to send a message to the TBA Club Manager account (vABF7801) including your real name. To do this:
    • Click the '->Lobby' button at the bottom left of the window.
    • Click on 'Private', enter "vABF7801" in the "Chat to" field, click 'OK'
    • Type your message (eg 'I am [name] from [club] and I am blocked), click 'Chat'
  • Registering for a session - When you arrive in the tournament to play there are a number of ways you can register:
    • As a pair - If you have a partner both of you must be online to register as a pair. If your partner isn't online the best approach is simply to wait for them before registering. You can add your partner to your Friends list so that you will see when they are online. This is done in the People tab on the right of the BBO page. The system can notify you when somebody on your friends list logs on. To switch this on go to the Account tab, select Settings and look at the Notifications section.
    • Without a partner - If you do not have a partner, check the Partnership Desk and preferably invite someone already there to play, or register yourself. Please note that the director has no ability to match up people waiting there.
    • As a substitute - If you are still waiting when the session is 5 minutes or so from the start time, you can go to the Register panel, press Substitutes and register as a substitute for the event. The director has no access to see who was waiting at the Partnership Desk once the event starts. If you do this you will then appear on the Substitute list which the director uses to fill any sit-outs at the start of the event. In this situation you may be paired with someone from around the world who has registered as a Substitute for any event!

      If you have registered as a Substitute and you stay online you can open the running event and join any table to watch (kibitz). Should any player lose their connection you may be temporarily substituted for them until they return, and if they do not return you will be able to play on there. Note that Substitutes do not pay any entry fee.

  • BBO$ - When you log in to BBO you should see a message with your current BB$ credit. You can also check Your Account Balance after pressing the BB$ button. If you don't have enough credit and your partner does, they can always register the partnership and pay for you. You can return the favour next time once you have arranged enough credit.
  • Alerting - Alerting is different in online bridge. Alerts are made by the player making the bid, not their partner. The bidder types the meaning of the bid in the bidding box field and then makes the bid. The explanation is sent to the opponents and the spectators but is hidden from the bidder's partner (to avoid unauthorised information being conveyed). The other important difference is that the alerting function is used for a wider range of bids:
    • Bids that should be announced (ie 1C and 1NT)
    • All normally alertable bids (eg 2C opening)
    • Any bid that the opponents may want explained (eg weak 2s, cue bids)
    • Bids at all levels, not just up to 3NT (eg 4NT, 4C)
    Explanations should give the meaning of the bid not just the name of the convention (eg '5:5 majors, 6-9 or 16+' not 'Michaels'). The purpose of all of this is to minimise the need for a player to query the meaning of a bid or ask for an explanation of the auction, both of which take time when typing. If you forget to alert a bid you can use chat to send the explanation manually, but this should be directed to the opponents only, not the table. Clicking on an opponents bid at your turn to bid asks for an explanation of that bid. The bidder is presented with an explanation field to complete. Neither the request nor the explanation are shown to the bidder's partner. Queries and explanantions should not be made through chat to the table.
  • Etiquette - Normal social etiquette applies at an online table, eg saying hello and thank you, introducing yourself and acknowledging good play. This is all done through the chat function directed to the table. To save typing some commonly used abbreviations are:
    • o, opps - opponents
    • p - partner
    • thx, tx, ty - thank you (eg typ, thx opps)
    • wd, wp - well done, well played (eg wdo, wpp)
    • s - sorry (eg sp)
    • gl, bl - good luck, bad luck (eg glp, blp)
    • np - no problem
  • Connection problems - If you experience problems with your connection to BBO during a session you can try logging out of BBO and reconnecting. When you successfully reconnect BBO will take you straight back into the game.

If you are having problems:

TBA members can email the TBA with any issues. Members of affiliated clubs should contact their club in the first instance.


TBA News

What's Happening at the TBA - May 2020

The TBA Committee met via ZOOM on Monday May 4h from 1.00pm.

PARTICIPATING : J Rhodes (Chair), M Gibbs, J Grosvenor, J Bills, A Paton, L Cooke, M Sherlock, S Edler, E Gee, K Marsden, I Bailey, Chris Carolan (by invitation)

The following matters were discussed :

COVID19 Arrangements

Whilst the Club is closed we have taken the opportunity to change the air conditioner filters and shampoo all the chairs.

The Committee is working on a COVID19 business readiness plan in preparation for the time when the Club is permitted to re-open. This will be finalised once we fully understand the government requirements, but under present social distancing guidelines, we will be able to accommodate 12 tables. Full details of our plan will be circulated once it is finalised.

Social Forum

As the TBA forum is private, a request has been made to the committee for people to post on this using their real names. If you feel comfortable to do this, it will foster a greater sense of social connection for our members.

Bridge Base Online

The first TBA BBO session was held on Thursday April 30th with nine and a half tables. Apart from a few teething problems, it ran well and everyone was happy to getting back to playing bridge with a few familiar “faces”!

We are currently setting up a schedule of weekly sessions which will be advertised as we can staff them. However, you will soon be able to play bridge on line with your friends at the TBA most days.

Constitutional Change

At the next AGM, the Committee will propose three changes to the Constitution. These are to reduce areas of uncertainty in the Constitution as well as to make it more fit for purpose.

Briefly, the proposed changes are as follows :

  1. Remove the requirement for the Masterpoints Secretary to be a Committee Member
  2. Bring Committee Nomination procedures in line with the “Model Rules” which govern associations such as the TBA
  3. Clarify the timing of Annual Membership renewals and payment schedules.

The proposed changes will be advertised in the usual way prior to the AGM, but for those desperate to view them now, documents describing the proposed changes are here and here.

TBA Committee Manual

The Committee is working on the development of a User manual for new and potential Committee members which documents the working of the TBA Committee, as well as all the voluntary roles which are currently performed by Committee members and other TBA volunteers.

This will be part of a TBA Operations Manual, which will document in the one place, all the information needed to run the TBA.

Stay Safe and see you soon in a BBO session!

Julie Rhodes

President, TBA

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Members update - April 2020

Despite the temporary closure of the TBA and the cancellation of the Tasmanian Festival of Bridge, March 2020 still managed to be a big month for TBA rank promotions. Firstly Ian Mansfield achieved the very significant milestone of promotion to Grand Master. We also had two Life Master promotions - Duncan Abercromby to Life Master and Darryl Smith to Silver Life Master.

The full list of TBA members who achieved rank promotions at the end of March 2020 is below. Congratulations to all.

♠ Ian Mansfield - Grand
Darryl Smith - Silver Life
♣ Duncan Abercromby - Life
Margaret Maclachlan - *State
♠ Gill Robinson - *State
Mardi Grosvenor - State
♣ John Grosvenor - State
Warren Papworth - *Local
♠ Elaine Hardy - Local
Brigitte Stoddart - Club
♣ Mary Dwyer - Graduate
Fran Di Giovanni - Graduate

As at the end of March there were seven Tasmanians in the National McCutcheons Top 20s (cohorts of people who started the year at the same level, ranked by Masterpoints earned in the year).

♠ Hugh Grosvenor - #9 all ranks, #6 Silver Grand and Above list (121.16 MP)
Maruta Boyd - #14 Bronze Life list (28.74 MP)
♣ Sue Martin - #3 National List (34.12 MP)
Sue Falkingham - #6 National list (29.49 MP)
♠ Mardi Grosvenor - #3 **Local list (21.54 MP)
John Grosvenor - #4 **Local list (21.54 MP)
♣ Moira Smith - #18 Graduate list (4.20 MP)

Each quarter the ABF generates an Intra-Club Performances report for each club. This report lists the top 50 players ranked by total masterpoints earned at the club in normal club green and red point sessions. Normally this report is printed and put up on the notice board at the club, but given the current situation the quarter ended March 2020 report is here. Congratulations to Maria Gibbs for topping the list with 9.73 MP.

The ABF Masterpoint Centre website provides a range of club, state and national reports updated each month. These include promotions, McCutcheons, most improved players, and top 50 Masterpoint earners.

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TBA Forum

We have added an online forum to the website. This is intended to be a private area for TBA members to connect online to talk bridge or whatever, particularly in this period of social distancing (or rather this period of "physical distancing" when "social connection" is so important).

The forum is really easy to use. For those not familiar with forums here is a quick introduction (or just jump in and give it a try):

What is an online forum?

It's a place for people to interact online. An online forum is a webpage that allows people to read and create content that can be seen and responded to by other people on the forum. Forum content is usually text based but can include images and links to other online resources.

Where is the forum?

The forum is here. There is also a link at the top of this page (under "Other links")

How do I get access to the TBA Forum?

Access to the TBA Forum is restricted to TBA members only. All TBA members who have supplied an email will have received an email inviting them to join the forum. If you have provided an email address to the TBA but have not seen your invitation please check your junk mail folder in case it has been intercepted by your spam filter.

Click on the link in the email and complete the short form to set-up your forum account and get access. Individual accounts are needed as they control access to the forum and identify your posts on the forum.

Use of the forum is free to all members, and purely optional. You can also delete your forum account at any time.

Do I need an email address to access the forum?

Yes, you cannot set-up an account without supplying an email for the invitation. If you have not provided the TBA with an email address already you will not receive an invitation (as we have no address to send it to). You can email us to add an email address to your membership record. Please include your name, ABF number and the contact phone number you have previously provided the club so that we can clearly identify you as a member.

In a number of cases member couples share the same email address in their membership details. In these cases the email address will receive a single invitation to join the forum. If both members would like a forum membership, please email us with a second email to be used for a second invitation.

How is the forum organised?

The TBA Forum is organised into high level categories such as "Online bridge". The categories are created by the forum administrator, so if you think we should create a new category, email us with your suggestion.

Members can create new topics within a category. For example you could create a topic "Why my finesses always fail" within the "Card Play" category. You create a new topic by clicking the "New Topic" button at the top right of the categories page (or within a category). You then give your topic a title, enter your content and save it.

Members can reply to an existing topic. Just click the "Reply" button at the top right of a topic, compose your reply and save it. You can also reply to a topic you started, for example to add to your origional idea or to respond to another member's reply.

Topics are also sometimes called threads as they evolve into a list of posts as other members reply. A post is any content on the forum (ie the top level entry in a topic or a reply)

Some categories and topics may be locked. Members cannot create a new topic in a locked category or reply to a locked topic.

What can I do on the forum?

The main thing people do on a forum is connect and share content by reading others' posts, creating new topics and replying to existing topics. These can be questions, comments, photos, links to useful websites, or anything that you think might be of interest to other TBA members.

The forum software we are using is very powerful and has lots of features that many members will not use. For example you can:

  • follow topics so that you get email notifications of any new replies on a topic
  • see who else is currently logged on (click the "x users online" at the bottom of the forum page)
  • send private messages to other members on the forum
  • send email messages to other members on the forum (Note that doing this will not show you their email address, but they will see yours)
  • send instant messages to other members currently on the forum
  • use a chat room to interact with other members

How do I add an account photo?

When you create a new forum account you will be identified on posts by an icon (or avatar) which initially is a coloured square containing your initials. You can easily replace this with an image of your choosing. Click on your account icon at the top right of the window and select "Edit Profile" from the menu that appears. Click on the square representing a photo and follow the instructions to select an image from your computer or device. If you have already uploaded an image you can view it, change it or delete it using the buttons next to "Avatar" on the Edit Profile page.

What should I NOT do on the forum?

Think of the forum as an online extension of the TBA clubrooms. Behavior that would be inappropriate in the clubrooms would be inappropriate in the forum. Anything you post on the forum will be visible to every other member on the forum.

What do I do if I get stuck?

If you are not sure how something works on the forum feel free to experiment - you can't break anything. If that doesn't work try posting a question under the "Forum Questions" category. If all else fails email us.


Dallas Cooper OAM

Congratulations to TBA Life member Dallas Cooper who received the Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to badminton, and to the community, in the 2020 Australia Day Honours list.

Details are available at the Governor-General's website. The entry reads:

Mrs Dallas Antoinette COOPER, Bellerive TAS 7018

For service to badminton, and to the community.


  • President, Australasian Ladies Badminton Association, since 2001.
  • Convenor, ALBA Championships, 1987, 1993, 2001.
  • Inaugural Secretary, Hobart Ladies Badminton Association.


  • Member of the Management Committee, Australian Bridge Federation, since 2014.
  • Convenor, Australian National Championships, 1994, 2010 and 2018.
  • Tasmania State Representative Councillor on Australian Bridge Federation, since 2001.
  • President, Tasmanian Bridge Association, 2001-2003, 2007-2008.
  • Vice-President, Tasmanian Bridge Association, 1998-1999.
  • Convenor, Australian Swiss Pairs, multiple times since 1994.
  • Convenor, Tasmanian Festival of Bridge, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019.



The Southern and Ancient Beaches Challenge 2020

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Did you miss our recent trip to Wonderland? Well it’s been voted the best yet! We just might have another next year.

You won’t win red master points (whatever they are) but you get to play competitive bridge and maybe get your names on a trophy. We can guarantee you some amazing costumes, a fair chance to win a prize and lots of laughs along the way.

Here’s a taster to encourage you to come along …

Sixteen teams jumped into motor cars or scurried down rabbit holes to emerge in South Arm sporting mad hats of every description. Decked in pink or hidden under mushrooms or flouncing about as queens and knaves it was hard to think of these characters as serious bridge players.

Flamingos perched on one leg bravely teetering and flapping. Their efforts won them the Best Dressed Team Prize. A couple of knaves brought their tarts along. A team of somewhat dysfunctional Disorderlies gyrated and quivered their way to a meltdown and the coveted Strutters Prize. The Lynch Mob dangled their hangman’s nooses menacingly and the Best Dressed Dormouse was undoubtedly … um … a dormouse.

And then there was lunch -- BBQ and salad followed by tiramisu, meringues and fruit all consumed in the sunshine and in excellent company.

The bridge was seriously contested with winners and losers emerging from beneath piles of scoresheets. Bobbie (obviously the only player concentrating at the time) won our first ever Beer Card. The Four Aces took out the prestigious Tortoise Trophy.

The Dodos (Lene, Merryl, Graham and Catharine) scored the SAAB Trophy. They were closely followed by The Knaves and their Tarts (Dave, Anj, Judi and Geoff).

Thank you everyone who participated in so many different ways.

We are able to donate $255 to Youth Bridge.

And our long suffering Director …. We couldn’t do this without you Dallas. Thank you!

And the last word goes to the White Rabbit. Don’t be late next year.

The SAAB Team


Devonport and Tamar

It was a big weekend of bridge in the north of the state with the Devonport Bridge Club's February Swiss Pairs on Saturday 8 February and the Tamar Bridge Club Congress on Sunday 9 February. Both events were well attended, including a sizeable contingent of players from southern clubs. Both were 6 x 9 board IMP scored Swiss Pairs events.

Devonport had 29 pairs playing. First place went to John Bailey and Josef Kuriacose, second to Brian O'Rourke and Mike Longmire, and third to Haj Skilton and Roger Watts. Full results are on the Devonport Bridge Club website. If anybody has photos of the Devonport event to contribute, please email them to the TBA.

Tamar had 34 pairs playing. In the open category first place went to Andrew and Sandra Richman, second to Vicky Cowan and Catherine Elliott, and third to Jane Routley and Judy Mann. In the restricted category first place went to Sue Martin and Sue Falkingham (fifth overall) and second to Phillipa Pitt and Ros Pyrke (sixth overall). Full results are on the Tamar Bridge Club website.

Thank you to both clubs for organising and hosting these events, and in particular for making their southern visitors feel so welcome. Thank you also to Peter and Simon for directing.


2020 Vera Houdek Pairs

The Vera Houdek Pairs for 2020 was played on Sunday 2 February at the TBA club rooms. This is a matchpoint Swiss Pairs event played over 6 x 9 board matches. 28 pairs played - 14 open pairs, 7 restricted pairs (under 300 masterpoints) and 7 novice pairs (under 100 masterpoints).

The overall winners (and top placed restricted pair!) were Annie Bartlett and Julie Rhodes. Second overall were Robert and Jane Tyson. Third overall were Susanne and David Sarten. The top placed novice pair were Mardi and John Grosvenor. Full results are here.

A big thank you to Sue Falkingham for organising and directing the event, and for keeping her cool when the technology gremlins struck. Thanks also to Chris Carolan for his telephone support in gremlin eradication. Thanks to all players who brought food for morning and afternoon tea.


2020 Australian Youth Bridge Championships

In January 2020 six students from Marist Regional College in Burnie went to Canberra to participate in the Australian Youth Bridge Championships (aka "Youth Week"). The players were Aiden Dixon, Archer Garcia, Ethen Goulter, Taze Jackson, Caleb Kirkpatrick and Ben Sproule. They were chaperoned by Cedric Parker and received supported from the TBA and ABF. This is the first time in a long while that Tasmania has been represented at this event.

The event ran from 4-10 January and included pairs, teams and a youth Butler event. The Butler event was to select six pairs for the Australian Junior Squad, three of whom will represent Australia in the World Bridge Championships in Italy in August this year. Ben and Taze made it through the Butler Finals, ultimately finishing 7th. This was a great achievement for Ben and Taze who are the youngest of the 8 pairs in the finals. They are the only pair that are still at school, and have also been playing bridge competitively for less than a year, meaning that they have had far less experience than the rest of the finalists.

Results for all of the Youth Week events are here

In Cedric Parker's words "... all 6 of our team have acquitted themselves with aplomb. I am incredibly proud of the way they have behaved and the way that they have adapted to a very intense competitive environment. They have done their parents and their college proud!". Congratulations to the entire team for their efforts.


2020 Summer Festival of Bridge

The 2020 Summer Festival of Bridge started in a very smoky Canberra on 8 January, running to 19 January. There were seven Tasmanians playing, and Simon Edler was one of the directors.

The standout Tasmanian performance was by Maruta Boyd and Barbara Holland who won the Penline 500 Swiss Pairs Championship, holding first place for match 2 to the end. Maruta and Barbara also came 5th in the Chris Diment Matchpoint Swiss Pairs. Sue Falkingham and Sue Martin (Devonport Bridge Club) also played in the Penline 500 Swiss Pairs Championship and the Chris Diment Matchpoint Swiss Pairs.

Mardi and John Grosvenor came 2nd in the Two Day National Novice Matchpoint Swiss Pairs Championship and 3rd in the Novice Swiss Pairs Championship.

TBA Life Member Hugh Grosvenor, playing with Tania LLoyd (Newcastle), came 5th in the TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs Championship. Hugh and Tania also played in the South-West Pacific Open Teams Championship with Rose Don and Michael Courtney as the Don team. They came 3rd in qualifying, won their quarter final and semi-final matches, and come second in the National Open Teams finals.

Full results for all 2020 Summer Festival of Bridge events can be found here.


TBA Christmas Party & Giving Tree

The 2019 TBA Christmas Party was held on Saturday 14 December. Members contributed generously to a bring-a-plate lunch, and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon's bridge. The club rooms were near full capacity with 23.5 tables playing in three sections catering to players of all levels: supervised, restricted (< 150 MP) and open. The results are here: supervised, restricted, open. Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing.

This year TBA members have again supported Colony 47 by donating gifts and hamper items under the TBA Giving Tree. All donations will be collected by Colony 47 on Monday 16 December. Thank you to all members who have contributed.


2019 TBA Spring Pairs

The 2019 TBA Spring Pairs were held at the club rooms on Sunday 24 November. This was an IMP/VP scored Swiss Pairs event played over 6 x 9 board matches. 20 pairs competed, including 5 pairs under National master.

The winners were David Robinson and Julie Rhodes. Second place went to Jane and Robert Tyson, and third place went to Bert Forage and Maruta Boyd. Mardi and John Grosvenor were the topped placed "Category B" (under National master) pair at 12th. Full results are here.

Thanks to Simon Edler for organising and directing the day. Thanks to all of the players who brought food along for the day.


Australia-wide Restricted Pairs

Australian Bridge magazine runs three Australia-wide pairs events each year - novice, restricted and open. The restricted event (fewer than 300MP) is the last in the year and was run at the end of October. The TBA session was held on Thursday 31 October. The club rooms were at full capacity with 26 tables playing. Around Australia 973 pairs played the same set of boards and were scored as one national field.

The local results for the TBA session are here. The top placed pairs were:

North-South East-West
Barbara Giizel - Pam Murphy Stevie Griggs - Carmel Thomson
Marleen Lynch - Helen Morling Mardi Grosvenor - John Grosvenor
Colin McGavisk - Kerry McKillop Cheralyn Bird - Frank Powell

In the national single field of 973 pairs, the top placed TBA pairs were:

61st - Stevie Griggs - Carmel Thomson (60.8%) - 12th under 50MP
70th - Mardi Grosvenor - John Grosvenor (60.4%) - 17th under 50MP
84th - Barbara Giizel - Pam Murphy (59.8%)
100th - Florence Lewis-Bryan - Vicki Douglas (58.8%)
113th - Liz Sellen - Clive Sellen (58.2%)

The highest placed Tasmanian pair were David Rogers and Sue Martin from the Devonport Bridge Club who played in the Tamar session. They were placed 51st with 61.2%.

Thanks to Chris Carolan for organising and directing this demanding session for the TBA. The national results are available here. The summary for the 2019 Australia-Wide Novice Pairs is here. The summary for the 2019 Australia-wide Open Pairs is here. Watch out for the first of the 2020 series, the Australia-wide Novice Pairs. coming at the end of May 2020.


Melbourne Cup - Bridge + Lunch

The race that stops the nation didn't stop the TBA. 43 pairs came to the TBA on cup day for a day of bridge, fashion, food and racing.

The bridge results are here. Winners were:

  • Highest placed pair NS: Sarah Howard and Maria Gibbs
  • Highest placed pair EW: Pam Murphy and Barbara Giizel
  • Highest placed pair under 50 masterpoints: Kay Thiessen and Heather Viney
  • Highest placed pair under 5 masterpoints: Anna Chivers and Dorothy Stevenson

Best female outfit went to Sandra Miedecke. Best male outfit went to Graeme Poulton. Best hat went to John Grosvenor, with an honourable mention to Andrew Walter. Best fascinator went to Dianne Kriegs.

Thanks to Jan Colville for leading the organisation for the day. Thanks to Chris Carolan for Directing. Thanks to Julie Rhodes for organising lunch, and to everybody who brought food and helped with the catering and clean-up.


Tasmanian Swiss Pairs Championship 2019

Over the weekend of 26-27 October the 2019 Tasmanian Swiss Pairs Championship was help in Devonport. 18 pairs competed, with players from clubs around the state. Seven 14 board matches were played over four sessions.

The winners were Roger Watts (Devonport BC) and Pamela Lidl (Tamar BC), pictured here with Director John Bailey. Second were Roger Swain (Tamar BC) and Frank Milford (Tamer BC). Third were Margaret Robertson (Tamar BC) and Margaret Gibbs (TBA). Full results are on the Devonport Bridge Club website.

Thanks to John Bailey for directing, and to the Devonport Bridge Club for hosting the event.


TBA Novice Pairs Championship 2019

The 2019 TBA Novice Pairs Championship was held on Wednesday 16 October 2019. Entry was restricted to players with fewer than 25 Master Points as at 30 June 2019. The club rooms were close to full with 20 pairs competing in a separate section in parallel with the regular Wednesday morning session. The field included a number of pairs playing for the first time in a non-supervised session, including players from this year's beginners courses.

Congratulations to the winners, Sandra Miedecke and Alice Stillwell. Special mentions to Paul Fredheim (6th), Wendy Gilson (9th) and Lindsey Johnstone (9th) who earned their first Master Points in the event. Full results are available here. Thanks to Sue Falkingham for directing the event.


Launceston Bridge Club Congress 2019

The weekend of 5-6 October 2019 saw a full weekend of bridge in the north with the Launceston Bridge Club Congress. The Congress had pairs competitions on Saturday (8 pairs in the Restricted and 29 pairs in the Open) and Swiss Pairs on Sunday (38 pairs).

Top positions went to (click on the titles to go to the full results):

Restricted Open Swiss
1. Jean Murray & Kevin Crombleholme 1. Jane Tyson & Angela Little 1. Bert Forage & Maruta Boyd
2. Elizabeth Sward & Phillip Powell 2. Sandra & Andrew Richman 2. Jane Tyson & Angela Little
3. Pauline Anderson & Wendy Newman 3. Bert Forage & Maruta Boyd 3. Julie Rhodes & Anna Egan

Jane Tyson & Angela Little
Open 1st, Swiss 2nd

Sandra & Andrew Richman
Open 2nd, Swiss 6th

Maruta Boyd & Bert Forage
Open 3rd, Swiss 1st

Julie Rhodes & Anna Egan
Swiss 3rd

Wendy Newman & Pauline Anderson
Restricted 3rd

A packed room ready to start


2019 Open and Womens Pairs Championship

On Sunday 25 August 2019 18 pairs competed over two sessions in the 2019 Open and Womens Pairs Championships.

The open winners were Michael Woodhams and Bert Forage, placed first and second in the morning and afternoon sessions respectively. Womens champions and second in the open were Julia Corr and Maria Gibbs. Third place in the open went to Margaret Robertson and Margaret Gibbs. Full results are at: morning, afternoon, overall

Thanks again to Simon Edler for a busy weekend of directing, and to the volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly.


2019 Restricted Pairs Championship

The 2019 Restricted Pairs Championship was held at the TBA club rooms on Saturday 24 August 2019. The event was open to pairs with less than 150 masterpoints as at 31 March 2019, with 12 pairs competing.

First place was taken by Marg Enright and Gill Robinson by a healthy margin of 34 match points. Second place went to Julia Johnson and Geoff Green. Third place went to Sue Martin and Sue Falkingham. Full results are at: morning, afternoon, overall

1st - Gill Robinson and
Marg Enright (absent)

2nd - Julia Johnson
and Geoff Green

3rd - Sue Martin and
Sue Falkingham

Thanks to Simon Edler for directing, and to the volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly.

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The Role of the TBA

The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with about 400 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. These are conducted annually with the venue alternating between Hobart and Launceston. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs. The TBA's purpose-designed Centre at 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town Bay serves as both our local Clubrooms and the headquarters for bridge in the state.

Local Tasmanian clubs affiliated with the TBA are:
North-West North South
Burnie Bridge Club Launceston Bridge Club Hobart City Bridge Club
Devonport Bridge Club Tamar Bridge Club Eastern Shore Bridge Club
Kingborough Bridge Club

Contact us:
Phone: 0400 492 327
Post: PO Box171, North Hobart 7002

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