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9th-11th April 2021, Elwick Function Centre Glenorchy

Events for players of all levels - Rookie to Grand Master

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The TBA Committee met at the TBA on Tuesday December 8th from 3.30pm.

PARTICIPATING : J Rhodes (Chair), M Gibbs, M Sherlock, S Edler, K Marsden, I Bailey, G Poulton, P Timmins, S Falkingham, J Grosvenor

APOLOGIES : Lynne Cook, Edward Gee

The following matters were discussed :

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party will be held on Saturday December 19th with lunch from 12.00. Please bring a plate of food to share. If you are bringing food that needs to be warmed, please be at the Club by 11.30. The Health Dept have advised that we can help ourselves from share plates provided that :

  1. Hands are sanitised on entry
  2. Tongs are used
  3. There is not a throng around the food table.

Consequently, this year you will have to bring your own tongs with which to serve yourself! If your tongs have any kind of value, I suggest that you label them clearly, as there will be over 70 pairs of tongs in use on that day! The motto for the 2020 Xmas party is Tongs not Throngs!

It is planned that bridge will start at approximately 1.15pm, and is free. Due to our reduced capacity, you will need to book. We will accommodate as many people as we can.

Note: The party is currently fully booked. If you are booked but unable to attend please email the TBA to cancel your booking. If you are interested in being put on a waiting list in case of cancellations please email the TBA.

Christmas/New Year opening Hours

We will run a few sessions between Christmas and New Year. The normal schedule of sessions will run up to and including Tuesday 22nd December and will resume starting on Saturday January 2nd. The following sessions will be run during the intervening period:

Wednesday Dec 23rd 10:00am
Thursday Dec 24th 9.30am
Monday Dec 28th 10:00am
Monday Dec 28th 7.30pm
Wednesday Dec 30th 10.00am
Thursday Dec 31st 9.30am

Online Bridge

The Tasmania Wide Pairs, which is played on Wednesday nights from 7.15 pm has had a successful trial and will continue to be run on Wednesday evenings. This is a red master point. The intent from the ABF was that these are state events. We sought clarification from the ABF as to whether a Tasmanian player can invite an interstate player to be their partner. The ABF have confirmed that this is allowable.

Colony 47 Giving Tree Closes on December 16th

As usual, the TBA is supporting Colony 47, a charity supporting the homeless in Hobart at Christmas time. Members are asked to bring appropriate gifts and place them under our tree.

Unlike in previous years, members are asked to bring their gifts unwrapped so they can be sanitised (!) and then wrapped by Colony 47.

Gifts which have been requested by Colony 47 are for ADULT Males and Females, TEENS – male and female and 9-12 year old boys and girls as well as Non Perishable FOOD or Hamper items. They especially like practical gifts such as socks, undies, toiletries etc.

Bridge Etiquette

The TBA has a zero tolerance policy for rude or bullying behaviours at the tables. As advised last month, players must remember that courteous behaviour toward one another is a mandated requirement in bridge, and is just as important as following suit, or making a lawful bid.

Law 74 of the Laws of Bridge states:

  1. A player should maintain a courteous attitude at all times
  2. A player should carefully avoid any remark or extraneous action that might cause embarrassment to another player or might interfere with their enjoyment of the game.

The TBA regards the right of players to enjoy their session of bridge as very important, and players engaging in rude behaviour may be required to show cause as to why they should not be suspended from the club.

Social Bridge

Social bridge has successfully commenced and will continue to be held on the second Sunday of the month at 1.15pm. Sue Falkingham will be directing and players are encouraged to bring a plate of food to share. Members are able to bring a visitor to participate, but all visitors must sign the COVID-19 Safety Plan undertaking, and comply with COVID-19 Safety Plan requirements. Normal table money is payable.

Sunday Swiss – Last Sunday of the Month

Due to the popularity of the Swiss Pairs format amongst all levels of players, the TBA will introduce a regular Sunday Swiss pairs event to be held on the last Sunday of each month. The event will run all day, with people bringing their own lunch. These will be ideal for newer players wanting to get familiar with the Swiss Pairs format before the Tasmanian Gold Swiss Pairs in April 2021. The first event will commence at 9.30am on Sunday January 31st.

New Chairs

Five of each of the two most popular chairs have been purchased and are available for members who need additional support when sitting. Look out for them and move them to a suitable location for you.

Thank you all Volunteers

On behalf of the TBA Committee I would like to thank everyone who has done something for our Club in 2020. The smooth running of the club not only relies on people who are prepared to join the Management Committee, but to all those others who undertake the various tasks required to make our club a success.

Merry Christmas Everyone

If I don’t get to see you personally before Christmas, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to a better (and more predictable!) 2021.

Julie Rhodes
President, TBA

Previous updates | Top

The 2020 TBA Novice Pairs Championship was played at the TBA clubrooms on Sunday 15 November 2020. Eleven pairs competed in two sessions. The event was for players with fewer than 25 masterpoints, with a Rookie catgory for those with fewer than 10 masterpoints.

It was great to see some of our newest members and players taking the step of playing in their first event (and in some cases their first non-supervised play). Congratulations on a significant milestone in your bridge careers.

Judy and Roger Hooley are the 2020 Champions. Members may know Judy and Roger from their occassional visits to the TBA over the last year or so. They are now locals and TBA members.

Helen Thomas and Ian Bailey came second. Lynn Barlow and Paul Fredheim came third overall, and also top of the "Rookie" category.

Full results are here.

Thanks to Sue Falkingham for organising and directing the event. Apparently Sue also set a new benchmark in directing by providing table service for drinks in the last round!

Novice Pairs 2019 | Top

Congratulations to the TBA members who achieved rank promotions at the end of September and October 2020. A full list of promotions for the year is available here.

♠ Barbara Holland - Silver Life
Gulum Kocak-Sunamak - **National
♣ David Marshall - National
Betty Pilgrim - *State
♠ Shirley Graver - State
Keith Graver - State
♣ Katherine Marsden - State
Alan Greenlees - Regional
♠ Frances Millar - Regional
Ruth Nogajski - Regional
♣ Henry Nogajski - Regional
Ann Gee - Regional
♠ Trish Reid - **Local
Maureen Richardson - **Local
♣ Robin Barnes - *Local
Bron Peatling - *Local
♠ Doug Bridge - Club
Yolande Boost - Graduate
♣ Jerry Pearson - Graduate
Ian Ritchie - Graduate

The last three months have been huge for new members. The TBA Committee has approved membership applications for the following people. Please make them feel very welcome as you see them around the club.

Lee AstheimerAnne FitzgeraldMary McArthur
Dmitry BeygulTony FreemanAnne McEntee
Michael BlakeLouise GilfedderKate Newton
Hsiang-Ju BoddyTherese GilfedderSuzanne Purdon
Anne BomanRob HeckerJeremy Reid
Deb BowerJudith HooleyAmy Richardson
Lisa BrodribbRoger HooleyChaya Rivers
Nola CalvertTim JohnsMaria Rolls
Rex CalvertCate JohnstonRick Rolls
Carmel CampbellTim JohnstoneImogen Siberry
Catherine CattShirley KerinRoss Stephens
Rod ChandlerSophie KimBrendon Wakely
Max CorneyTracy LongBillie Watson
Georgie CottierMary MaherIan Wells
Sue CottierPenny MaskellRandolph Wierenga
Fran DonaldsonChristine MaynardAnna Wylie
Lisa Farmer

The ABF Masterpoint Centre website provides a range of club, state and national reports updated each month. These include promotions, McCutcheons, most improved players, and top 50 Masterpoint earners.


The TBA Annual General Meeting on 5 September 2020 approved some minor changes to the TBA Constitution. An updated version of the Constitution is available here. The paragraphs impacted by these changes are listed on the last page of the document.


The north-west coast has become a hotbed of Youth Bridge in Tasmania. Students at schools in Burnie, Devonport and Ulverstone have been involved in various bridge programs. The TBA is also working on an after school program for southern schools in 2021. For more details see Cedric Parker's Tasmanian Youth Bridge Update. Cedric has been an active advocate for Youth Bridge in Tasmania.


During the COVID-19 shutdown the TBA established an online forum to help members remain connected. This need has clearly decreased and the forum has seen no activity for the last two months. We are therefore going to shutdown the forum. The forum is accessible here until 8 December 2020.


It may be the race that stops the nation, but Melbourne Cup doesn't stop the bridge at the TBA. On Tuesday November 3rd the TBA held our annual Melbourne Cup red masterpoint event. In addition to the bridge there was a bring-a-plate lunch, plenty of sweeps and fashion prizes.

  • First NS : Fahri Toreci - Wayne Seabrook
  • First EW : Catharine Bartonek - Geoff Green
  • Highest score by a restricted pair : Fahri Toreci - Wayne Seabrook
  • Highest score by an under 10MP pair : Dorothy Stevenson - Anna Chivers
  • Best outfit - female : Ann Gee
  • Best outfit - male : Paul Webberley
  • Best fascinator : Christine Linton
  • Best hat : Anna Chivers

Full results are here.

Thanks to Chris Carolan for directing, thanks to all members who contributed to lunch, and thanks to Julie and the committee for organising the day.

Melbourne Cup 2019 | Top

The TBA recently farewelled Grand Masters Jane and Robert Tyson who are moving interstate. Jane and Robert have been long-term stalwarts of the TBA and Tasmanian bridge more generally. We wish them all the best for the future.


Starting on Wednesday 18 November there will be a four week trial of a weekly Statewide Online Pairs competition. These sessions will start at 7:15pm each Wednesday. Red masterpoints will be awarded. The sessions will continue after the trial period if supported with sufficient numbers.

Instructions on how to register for TBA BBO sessions are here.

The two current weekly TBA BBO sessions will be discontinued. The final Monday evening session will be on 2 November and the final Thursday morning session will be on 5 November.


It is a great pleasure to announce the next set of David Robinson's ever popular lessons, starting Wednesday October 28th. David will be holding five lessons covering twelve topics to improve your declarer play and make those all important extra tricks. The topics are:

  1. Trumping losers in dummy
  2. Discarding losers on dummy's winners
  3. Finesses
    • Direct, indirect, combination, double, ruffing, safety and backwards
  4. Hold up plays
  5. Cross ruffing techniques
  6. Techniques to establish a long suit
    • Ducking, ruffing and finessing
  7. Unblocking plays
  8. Avoidance plays
    • Simple situations, hold ups, swapping losers, Morton's fork, scissors coup, loser on loser
  9. End plays
    • Throw ins and eliminations
  10. Loser on loser
    • Various techniques
  11. Dummy reversal
  12. Squeeze plays
    • Basic squeeze mechanism and what to look for

The lessons will be held at the TBA club rooms at 2pm on Wednesdays - October 28th, November 4th, 18th and 25th, and December 2nd. The cost is $5 per person per lesson.


The 2020 Tasmanian Swiss Pairs was held at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 24-25 October. 18 pairs played, with players from around the state. Seven matches of 14 boards were played.

Congratulations to winners. Sandra and Andrew Richman came first. Judy Mann and Kristine Thompson came second. Martin George and Frank Milford came third. Full results can be found here.

Thanks to the Tamar Bridge Club for hosting the event. Thanks to Simon Edler for being the convener and director. Thanks also to Jane Edler for her assistance across the weekend.

Tasmanian Swiss Pairs 2019 | Top

The TBA ran two separate GNOT Qualifier rounds over three weeks of Monday Night and Friday Morning sessions.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the top placed pairs in each:

Monday Night Qualifier

  • David Robinson & Phil Beck
  • Chris Girvan & Maria Gibbs
  • Judy Bills & Ann Paton

Friday Morning Qualifier

  • Duncan Abercromby & Graham Cooper
  • Phil Timmins & Julie Rhodes
  • Richard Cooke & Margaret Gibbs

Teams will be arranged from all the pairs who played to represent the TBA in the GNOT Southern Final on September 20.


(Click on the images to enlarge)

Did you miss our recent trip to Wonderland? Well it’s been voted the best yet! We just might have another next year.

You won’t win red master points (whatever they are) but you get to play competitive bridge and maybe get your names on a trophy. We can guarantee you some amazing costumes, a fair chance to win a prize and lots of laughs along the way.

Here’s a taster to encourage you to come along …

Sixteen teams jumped into motor cars or scurried down rabbit holes to emerge in South Arm sporting mad hats of every description. Decked in pink or hidden under mushrooms or flouncing about as queens and knaves it was hard to think of these characters as serious bridge players.

Flamingos perched on one leg bravely teetering and flapping. Their efforts won them the Best Dressed Team Prize. A couple of knaves brought their tarts along. A team of somewhat dysfunctional Disorderlies gyrated and quivered their way to a meltdown and the coveted Strutters Prize. The Lynch Mob dangled their hangman’s nooses menacingly and the Best Dressed Dormouse was undoubtedly … um … a dormouse.

And then there was lunch -- BBQ and salad followed by tiramisu, meringues and fruit all consumed in the sunshine and in excellent company.

The bridge was seriously contested with winners and losers emerging from beneath piles of scoresheets. Bobbie (obviously the only player concentrating at the time) won our first ever Beer Card. The Four Aces took out the prestigious Tortoise Trophy.

The Dodos (Lene, Merryl, Graham and Catharine) scored the SAAB Trophy. They were closely followed by The Knaves and their Tarts (Dave, Anj, Judi and Geoff).

Thank you everyone who participated in so many different ways.

We are able to donate $255 to Youth Bridge.

And our long suffering Director …. We couldn’t do this without you Dallas. Thank you!

And the last word goes to the White Rabbit. Don’t be late next year.

The SAAB Team


It was a big weekend of bridge in the north of the state with the Devonport Bridge Club's February Swiss Pairs on Saturday 8 February and the Tamar Bridge Club Congress on Sunday 9 February. Both events were well attended, including a sizeable contingent of players from southern clubs. Both were 6 x 9 board IMP scored Swiss Pairs events.

Devonport had 29 pairs playing. First place went to John Bailey and Josef Kuriacose, second to Brian O'Rourke and Mike Longmire, and third to Haj Skilton and Roger Watts. Full results are on the Devonport Bridge Club website. If anybody has photos of the Devonport event to contribute, please email them to the TBA.

Tamar had 34 pairs playing. In the open category first place went to Andrew and Sandra Richman, second to Vicky Cowan and Catherine Elliott, and third to Jane Routley and Judy Mann. In the restricted category first place went to Sue Martin and Sue Falkingham (fifth overall) and second to Phillipa Pitt and Ros Pyrke (sixth overall). Full results are on the Tamar Bridge Club website.

Thank you to both clubs for organising and hosting these events, and in particular for making their southern visitors feel so welcome. Thank you also to Peter and Simon for directing.


The Vera Houdek Pairs for 2020 was played on Sunday 2 February at the TBA club rooms. This is a matchpoint Swiss Pairs event played over 6 x 9 board matches. 28 pairs played - 14 open pairs, 7 restricted pairs (under 300 masterpoints) and 7 novice pairs (under 100 masterpoints).

The overall winners (and top placed restricted pair!) were Annie Bartlett and Julie Rhodes. Second overall were Robert and Jane Tyson. Third overall were Susanne and David Sarten. The top placed novice pair were Mardi and John Grosvenor. Full results are here.

A big thank you to Sue Falkingham for organising and directing the event, and for keeping her cool when the technology gremlins struck. Thanks also to Chris Carolan for his telephone support in gremlin eradication. Thanks to all players who brought food for morning and afternoon tea.

Archived events | Top

Venue Hire

The TBA premises are available* for hire by community groups for suitable activities by arrangement with the TBA Committee.

Please complete a booking request form (available here) and email it to the TBA at

* Venue hire is not currently available due to the COVID-19 situation.


The Role of the TBA

The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with about 400 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. These are conducted annually with the venue alternating between Hobart and Launceston. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs. The TBA's purpose-designed Centre at 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town Bay serves as both our local Clubrooms and the headquarters for bridge in the state.

Contact us:
Phone: 0400 492 327
Post: PO Box 171, North Hobart 7002

Bank Account Details for direct debit: BSB: 067-102 A/C #: 2801 2004 A/C Name: Tasmanian Bridge Association
ABN: 66 028 130 967

Click here to find us on Google maps.

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