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The TBA Committee met at the TBA on Tuesday July 13th from 3.30pm.

PARTICIPATING : J Rhodes (Chair), M Gibbs, S Edler, S Falkingham, I Bailey, L Cooke, J Grosvenor, K Marsden, E Gee


The following matters were discussed :

Calendar Co-ordinator

It was resolved to formally thank Andrew Richman for his offer to take over from Jane Tyson as the Calendar Co-ordinator. The TBA will send a letter of thanks to him, and ask that affiliated club representatives liaise with him directly with regard to dates for any special events such as Club Congresses.

Teams of Three

The inaugural whole day Teams of Three event is to take place at the TBA on Sunday August 15th. The event will start at 9.30 am and everyone is asked to bring a plate of food to share for lunch and morning/afternoon tea. To enter, you must have fewer than 20 Masterpoints.

This event is a great opportunity for beginners to learn about playing Teams bridge, and to play with an experienced person. The format is that each of the inexperienced “Team of 3” members will take turns playing with their Captain.

I encourage anyone with fewer than 20 Masterpoints to enter. You can enter as a pair, individually, or as a Team of 3 via the TBA booking app. Players from other clubs can enter by emailing their details to the TBA

Board a Match Teams

Another new State Event, this event is to be run in Launceston at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of August 7th and 8th. The event starts at 10.30 am on the Saturday, so that Hobart players can drive up in the morning and stay just the one night in Launceston.

The unusual format of this event, is that each team either scores 2,1 or 0 for each board, depending on the result at their team mates’ table. This format, means that all participants have a near equal opportunity of winning over the event as a whole.

If you’d like a weekend in Launceston with bridge as well, enter via MyABF. If you need help to do this, ask someone at the Club. Once your MyABF account is set up, you will be able to use it to enter all future state and national events.

Bert Forage Centenary Day of Bridge – September 12th

Bert Forage, our oldest member turns 100 shortly after this date. To celebrate Bert’s passion for bridge, the TBA is conducting a special bridge event on Sunday September 12th from 1.00pm, so put the date in your diary.

Bridge will commence at around 1.15pm and will be an Individual Championship, with the Bert Forage Individual Trophy to be awarded for the first time at the conclusion of the event.

Name Badges

The TBA will provide a name badge, free of charge to any member who would like one. Wearing a name badge is helpful for new members, and a good thing to wear if you are visiting another club. If you would like one, email your name as you would like it to appear on the badge, and specify whether you would like a pin or magnet attachment.

Sessions under Review

It is the view of the Committee that at present, the Wednesday Improvers, Sunday Social and Roger’s Teams sessions are not performing as well as they could be. Any feedback about these sessions or suggestions as to how to improve them would be appreciated by the Committee. Email us your thoughts!

Welcome Back Hugh!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Hugh Grosvenor back to the TBA. Hugh is a life member of the TBA and will be directing and playing at the club in the foreseeable future. Hugh is a bridge professional and is available for private coaching.

Julie Rhodes
President, TBA

Previous updates | Top

The 2021 TBA Congress was held at the TBA club rooms in Hobart over the weekend of 3-4 July 2021. After the cancelation of last year's congress it was fantastic to see the club rooms buzzing and back to the pre-COVID seating capacity. The room was full with 45 pairs playing on the Saturday afternoon.

The pairs events were played on Saturday. 19 open pairs and 10 restricted pairs played across two sessions. 16 novice pairs played in a single session in the afternoon. Congratulations to the many novice pairs who were playing in their first congress!

The winners in the Open were John Cummings and David Marshal. Mardi and John Grosvenor came second, with Lena Jansson and Merryl Darby coming third. The winners in the Restricted were Fahri Toreci and Wayne Seabrook. Gil Robinson and Marg Enright came second, with Clive and Liz Sellen coming third. The winners in the Novice were Helen Sqier and Tim Doe. Lea Coulston and Pam Noga came second, with Judy and Roger Hooley coming third.

The Swiss Pairs was played on the Sunday with 34 pairs competing. Six matches of nine boards were played across two sessions. The winners were Bob Patterson and Richard Cooke. Maruta Boyd and Barbara Holland come second, with Fiona Hickey and Alaine MacMorran coming third. The best placed pair in the restricted category were Clive and Liz Sellen.

Full results are here: Open Pairs, Restricted Pairs, Novice Pairs, Swiss Pairs.

Thanks to Hugh Grosvenor and Sue Falkingham for directing.

TBA Congress 2019 | Top

The Tasmanian Gold Swiss Pairs was held in Hobart on 9th to 11th April 2021 at the Elwick Racecourse. This was the first national face-to-face event of the year. Approximately 120 pairs played in Rookie, Novice, Restricted and Open events across the two and a half days. This included strong representation of players from across Australia.

Sixty two pairs played in the two day Open Swiss Pairs. The winners were Ron Klinger and Avinash Kanetkar. Second place went to George Kozakos and Simon Hinge. Peter Hollands and James Coutts came third. Andrew and Sandra Richman won the Warren Walker Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Tasmanian pair in the Open Swiss Pairs.

Twenty eight pairs played in the Restricted Swiss Pairs. The winners were Tim Legge and Alexander Jones. Full results are here. Sixteen pairs played in the Novice Swiss Pairs. The winners were Marleen Lynch and Rose Rowell.

The TGSP was also a great opportunity for newer players to get a taste of a large event. A two session matchpoint pairs event was run for Rookies (players with fewer than 10 masterpoints). The overall winners were Amy Richardson and Imogen Siberry. Single session welcome matchpoint pairs events were also held for novice, restricted and open categories.

Thanks to Katherine Marsden, the organising committee and all of the volunteers for organising and running a great event. Thanks to Simon Edler for all his efforts as the Chief Tournament Director, including dealing all the boards! Thanks also to Hugh Grosvenor for directing. The ABF event website includes all results for the event.

TFoB 2019 | Top

The inaugural Sunday Swiss Pairs was held at the TBA on Sunday 21 Februray 2021. The aim of Sunday Swiss Pairs is to provide a friendly competition suitable for anybody who enjoys Swiss Pairs and an opportunity for newer players to get some experience with the format. The plan is to run one competition each month, normally on the second last Sunday of the month. Some flexibility is needed to fit in around an already packed schedule, so check the calendar booklet or online calendar for specific dates each month.

Sixteen pairs competed in the inaugural event. All levels of experience were represented, from Grand Masters to players working towards their Graduate Master certificate. As is the nature of Swiss Pairs this provided a great mix of challenges for all participants. The format was five 9 board matches over two sessions, with IMP and VP scoring.

The top placed pairs were - 1st: Merryl Darby and Lene Jansson, 2nd: Phil Timmins and Duncan Abercromby, and 3rd: Lynne Cooke and Vivien Fuglsang. The full results are available here.

Thanks to all who participated and made it an enjoyable day for all. Thanks particularly to Sue Falkingham for organising and directing the event.

For anybody unfamiliar with Swiss Pairs or IMP scoring and interested in finding out more, here are two brief introductory documents : Introduction to Swiss Pairs, Introduction to IMP Scoring. Better yet, come along on 21 March and give it a go.


The 2021 Tasmanian Butler Pairs was played at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 13-14 February 2021. This was the first Tasmanian state event of 2021. It was an IMP and VP scored pairs event with every pair playing a 7 board match against every other pair. There was a field of 16 pairs from around the state.

The winners were John Bailey (Devonport) and Hilton Francis (TBA). Sandra and Andrew Richman (Tamar) came second. Maria Gibbs and Julia Corr (TBA) came third overall and won the women's category.

Full results are here.

Thank you to Simon Edler for organising and directing the event. Thank you also to the Tamar Bridge Club for hosting the event and making all visiting players feel welcome.


The 2021 Vera Houdek Pairs was played at the TBA clubrooms on Sunday 31 January 2021. This was a matchpoint and VP scored Swiss Pairs event played over 8 x 7 board matches. The field of 28 pairs covered a wide range of experience levels and included a strong contingent from Tamar.

The winners were Maruta Boyd and Barbara Holland. David Brooks and Darryl Smith came second. Sue Falkingham and Bob Patterson came third. Mardi and John Grosvenor received the "Encouragement Award" for highest placed pair under 150 masterpoints.

Full results are here.

Thanks to Chris Carolan for smoothly organising and directing a packed day of bridge.

Vera Houdek Pairs 2020 | Top

The 2021 Devonport Bridge Club Congress was played at the DBC clubrooms on Saturday 23 January 2021. This was a IMP and VP scored Swiss Pairs event played over 6 x 9 board matches, The field of 22 pairs included good representation from across the north with the odd southerners thrown in.

The winners where Andrew and Sandra Richman. John Bailey and Mike Longmire came second. Frank Milford and Prue Dick came third.

Full results are here: session 1, session 2.

Devonport Congress 2020 | Top

The 2020 TBA Novice Pairs Championship was played at the TBA clubrooms on Sunday 15 November 2020. Eleven pairs competed in two sessions. The event was for players with fewer than 25 masterpoints, with a Rookie catgory for those with fewer than 10 masterpoints.

It was great to see some of our newest members and players taking the step of playing in their first event (and in some cases their first non-supervised play). Congratulations on a significant milestone in your bridge careers.

Judy and Roger Hooley are the 2020 Champions. Members may know Judy and Roger from their occassional visits to the TBA over the last year or so. They are now locals and TBA members.

Helen Thomas and Ian Bailey came second. Lynn Barlow and Paul Fredheim came third overall, and also top of the "Rookie" category.

Full results are here.

Thanks to Sue Falkingham for organising and directing the event. Apparently Sue also set a new benchmark in directing by providing table service for drinks in the last round!

Novice Pairs 2019 | Top

It may be the race that stops the nation, but Melbourne Cup doesn't stop the bridge at the TBA. On Tuesday November 3rd the TBA held our annual Melbourne Cup red masterpoint event. In addition to the bridge there was a bring-a-plate lunch, plenty of sweeps and fashion prizes.

  • First NS : Fahri Toreci - Wayne Seabrook
  • First EW : Catharine Bartonek - Geoff Green
  • Highest score by a restricted pair : Fahri Toreci - Wayne Seabrook
  • Highest score by an under 10MP pair : Dorothy Stevenson - Anna Chivers
  • Best outfit - female : Ann Gee
  • Best outfit - male : Paul Webberley
  • Best fascinator : Christine Linton
  • Best hat : Anna Chivers

Full results are here.

Thanks to Chris Carolan for directing, thanks to all members who contributed to lunch, and thanks to Julie and the committee for organising the day.

Melbourne Cup 2019 | Top

The 2020 Tasmanian Swiss Pairs was held at the Tamar Bridge Club on the weekend of 24-25 October. 18 pairs played, with players from around the state. Seven matches of 14 boards were played.

Congratulations to winners. Sandra and Andrew Richman came first. Judy Mann and Kristine Thompson came second. Martin George and Frank Milford came third. Full results can be found here.

Thanks to the Tamar Bridge Club for hosting the event. Thanks to Simon Edler for being the convener and director. Thanks also to Jane Edler for her assistance across the weekend.

Tasmanian Swiss Pairs 2019 | Top

The TBA ran two separate GNOT Qualifier rounds over three weeks of Monday Night and Friday Morning sessions.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the top placed pairs in each:

Monday Night Qualifier

  • David Robinson & Phil Beck
  • Chris Girvan & Maria Gibbs
  • Judy Bills & Ann Paton

Friday Morning Qualifier

  • Duncan Abercromby & Graham Cooper
  • Phil Timmins & Julie Rhodes
  • Richard Cooke & Margaret Gibbs

Teams will be arranged from all the pairs who played to represent the TBA in the GNOT Southern Final on September 20.


Venue Hire

The TBA premises are available for hire by community groups for suitable activities by arrangement with the TBA Committee.

Please complete a booking request form (available here) and email it to the TBA at


The Role of the TBA

The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with about 400 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. These are conducted annually with the venue alternating between Hobart and Launceston. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs. The TBA's purpose-designed Centre at 5 Marine Esplanade, New Town Bay serves as both our local Clubrooms and the headquarters for bridge in the state.

Contact us:
Phone: 0400 492 327
Post: PO Box 171, North Hobart 7002

Bank Account Details for direct debit: BSB: 067-102 A/C #: 2801 2004 A/C Name: Tasmanian Bridge Association
ABN: 66 028 130 967

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