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Coming Event - ESBC Congress

ESBC Congress     More details
DateSunday, March 1, 2020, starting 9.30 am
LocationTBA Club Rooms
MealsLunch provided
Other information2 Session Pairs Event - Open & Restricted/Novice
Entry formDownload entry form
DetailsEntry fee $35 per person
 Red Masterpoints Grade B4
 Attached entry form is designed to be printed on A4 Landscape Duplex (Short Edge) to create an A5 Booklet
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Complete a paper entry form
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 ESBC Congress (43 entries logged)

1Lene Jansson / Merryl Darby Open 
2Bill Handbury / Clare Handbury Open 
3Gail Garnham / Kay Potter Open 
4Rob Beattie / Richard Cooke Open 
5Judy Keating / Doris Stanfield Open 
6David Marshall / Darryl Smith Open 
7Glenn Bremner / Lyn Bremner Open 
8Shirley Graver / Keith Graver Restricted 
9Anne Mackay-Smith / Verna Imlach Restricted 
10Jenny Nurse / Bob Nurse Restricted 
11Jean Howes / Frank Powell Restricted 
12Lynne Cooke / Margaret Cumming Open 
13Gillian Armitage / Helen Morling Restricted 
14Nancy Fromberg / Peter Fromberg Open 
15Richard Hughes / Michael Bratt Open 
16Barbara Giizel / Pam Murphy Open 
17Julia Corr / Maria Gibbs Open 
18David Sarten / Susanna Sarten Open 
19Clive Sellen / Liz Sellen Restricted 
20Caryl Murfet / Margaret MacLachlan Open 
21Margaret Lawrence / Elizabeth Parsons Open 
22Veronika Maddock / Wayne Beatty Open 
23Bernice Moody / Bruce Lamont Open 
24Keith Chapman / Pam Hamilton Open 
25Debbie Easther / Betty Pilgrim Restricted 
26Pam Halton / Di Fincke Restricted 
27Irene Boulter / Carmel Thomson Restricted 
28Phil Timmins / Duncan Abercromby Open 
29Elizabeth Taylor / Chris Dowl Restricted 
30Ken Glasson / Margaret Glasson Open 
31Marg Enright / Gill Robinson Restricted 
32Mary Hawthorne / Gail Garth Open 
33Pam Barter / Joy Stoddart Restricted 
34Maruta Boyd / Bert Forage Open 
35Alaine MacMorran / Fiona Hickey Open 
36Bob Patterson / Chris Girvan Open 
37Phil Beck / David Robinson Open 
38Ros Pyrke / Phillipa Pitt Open 
39Marleen Lynch / Sue Hunter Restricted 
40Regina Share / Sue Kremer Restricted 
41Donna Sommerville / Frances Millar Open 
42Carmen Lockwood / Fahri Toreci Restricted 
43John Grosvenor / Mardi Grosvenor Restricted