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Coming Event - TBA Spring Pairs

TBA Spring Pairs     More details
DateSunday, 25 November 2018, starting 9.30 am
LocationTBA Club Rooms
MealsBYO Lunch
Other informationA 2 Session IMP scored pairs event with a Swiss Draw.
DetailsCash prizes for Open and Restricted pairs
 Red Masterpoints Grade B4
 Entry fee is $40.00 per pair. Entries close 8.00 p.m. Wednesday 21st November.
 If TBA members could bring a plate for hospitality this would be greatly appreciated. Drinks after second session.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
 ¶ Lodge online entry for TBA Spring Pairs
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 TBA Spring Pairs (16 entries logged)

1Denise Jeffrey / Frances Russon  
2Dallas Cooper / Maruta Boyd  
3Richard Cooke / Margaret Gibbs  
4Sue Falkingham / Chris Girvan  
5David Marshall / Betty Pilgrim  
6Ros Pyrke / Irene Boulter  
7Nick Hardy / Jana Vernon  
8Lynne Cooke / Vivien Fuglsang  
9Lena Jansson / Merryl Darby  
10Guray Sunamak / Darryl Smith  
11Julie Rhodes / Jane Tyson  
12Marg Enright / Kevin Wheelahan  
13Barbara Giizel / Pam Murphy  
14John Grosvenor / Mardi Grosvenor  
15Liz Sellen / Clive Sellen  
16Duncan Abercromby / Phil Timmins