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Coming Event - Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)

Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)
DateMonday, 16 October 2017, starting 7.30pm
LocationTBA Club Rooms
Other information3 week IMP scored Pairs event with a Swiss draw. Finishes 30th October.
DetailsRed Masterpoints
 Normal table money plus $1.00 per session.
 Enter online, by email, by phone, in the entry book at the TBA or talk to us by 12th October.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
 ¶ Lodge online entry for Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3) (28 entries logged)

1Barry Kelly / Kay Potter  
2Andrei Lachsz / Chris Girvan  
3Catherine Bartonek / Malcolm Sherlock  
4Pam Murphy / Barbara Giizel  
5Susan Allingham / Tony Allingham  
6Wynne Webber / Hilton Francis  
7David Brooks / Darryl Smith  
8Julia Corr / Merryl Darby  
9Meredith Stacey / Ron Spencer  
10Bob Patterson / Maria Gibbs  
11Jane Tyson / Robert Tyson  
12Margaret Gibbs / Richard Cooke  
13Sarah Howard / Ros Walsh  
14Bobbie Dyer / Ray Dyer  
15Phil Beck / David Robinson  
16Pam Halton / Geoff J Green  
17Simon Benham / Betty Pilgrim  
18Liz Sellen / Clive Sellen  
19Nancy Fromberg / Peter Fromberg  
20Judy Bills / Anna Egan  
21Ann Paton / Hugh Grosvenor  
22Graeme Poulton / Engelina Poulton  
23Maruta Boyd / Bert Forage  
24Barbara Holland / Dallas Cooper  
25Janet Bradley / Tricia Reid  
26Jegs Nuttall / Kevin Wheelahan  
27Gill Robinson / Keong Chen  
28Bert Bultman / Gail Garth