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Coming Event - Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)

Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)     More details
DateMonday, 16 October 2017, starting 7.30pm
LocationTBA Club Rooms
Other information3 week IMP scored Pairs event with a Swiss draw. Finishes 30th October.
DetailsRed Masterpoints
 Normal table money plus $1.00 per session.
 Enter online, by email, by phone, in the entry book at the TBA or talk to us by 12th October.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
 ¶ Lodge online entry for Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3)
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 Southern Swiss Pairs (1 of 3) (28 entries logged)

1Barry Kelly / Kay Potter  
2Andrei Lachsz / Chris Girvan  
3Catherine Bartonek / Malcolm Sherlock  
4Pam Murphy / Barbara Giizel  
5Susan Allingham / Tony Allingham  
6Wynne Webber / Hilton Francis  
7David Brooks / Darryl Smith  
8Julia Corr / Merryl Darby  
9Meredith Stacey / Ron Spencer  
10Bob Patterson / Maria Gibbs  
11Jane Tyson / Robert Tyson  
12Margaret Gibbs / Richard Cooke  
13Sarah Howard / Ros Walsh  
14Bobbie Dyer / Ray Dyer  
15Phil Beck / David Robinson  
16Pam Halton / Geoff J Green  
17Simon Benham / Betty Pilgrim  
18Liz Sellen / Clive Sellen  
19Nancy Fromberg / Peter Fromberg  
20Judy Bills / Anna Egan  
21Ann Paton / Hugh Grosvenor  
22Graeme Poulton / Engelina Poulton  
23Maruta Boyd / Bert Forage  
24Barbara Holland / Dallas Cooper  
25Janet Bradley / Tricia Reid  
26Jegs Nuttall / Kevin Wheelahan  
27Gill Robinson / Keong Chen  
28Bert Bultman / Gail Garth